Comments 24 comments — Leave a comment. By following his own sense of justice, he likes to help others. I’ll see if I can rent them at the shop. Log in No account? It’s been a long long time since then,but, anyway. Stage of Utsukushii Koto Jun. Are you in love because you believe you are in love, thus love is actually just a word?

I wonder if this has ever been done for any other BL story manga, or novel before? Exactly how the novel-uke is. But if there won’t be anything appears, then I’m sure to find a way to let you enjoy it. Please keep up the good work: Do you have a connection to skype, by any chance? I always buy stuff in Ikebukuro, where I used to live 2 years ago.

Thank you very very much for translating it Well, I know the U. Uke angsts a lot and contradicts himself, he wants to avoid seme, yet still wants to transslation a glimpse of seme.

Also about DVD, I asked the office which makes a DVD if they are intended to sell it at stories, and they said nothing is settled about distribution. Thank you again for sharing your views and pics: Thank you so much for your hard work!


Thank you so much for all ur hardworking of the cd drama. But bying it in Japan would a lot cheaper. You guys are just too awesome!! An obvious lesson in this story: S for everybody – this is my yahoo email: The production sounds great!

It’s soooo hard when you listen to drama cd and you don’t understand japanese. Do you have a connection to skype, by any chance? Anyway, thank you so much for talking about it! When one of his adventures meets a disastrous ending, a man helps him out. You guys are so awesome!!

Konohara rabu!!!! – nya!

C non-BL anime rant. It’s been a long long time since then,but, anyway.

The scene itself is very very short, maybe 30 seconds or something, but really passionate and so natural. D Keep going and fighting! Uke Uke is a man of the world. BTW, do you know any good BL related movies? HELLO to this community if is still alive.

But what you’d said about this one is great! Previous Entry Next Entry. Work has been a little hectic. The moment I read your old entry about it, I have been curious about it and how it would turn out. Comments 22 comments — Leave a comment. I would never even have thought of looking for such translztion thing!


I cannot thank you enough, and I’m so glad you are continuing with Kono Ai 2!

Tell me if you know any good ones. Uke is then forced to go on two more double-date. But fate is a utsukushli mistress, because they meet again a few months later.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I know it’s alreadybut Thank you sooooo much. Through colleague, seme hears a lot of good things about uke, and realises he might be mistaken about uke.

Utsukushii koto [Sugita x Tattsun]

Wonder how this kind of works would be welcomed in other places. There are two parts; Utsukushii Koto as the first, and Itoshii Koto as the second.

To cope with his stress at work, he walks around all dressed up, feeling superior to all those stupid guys who are lusting after him.