Tobuscus Uploaded by Don. Youtube, video, Gaming, meeting, tobuscus, tobygames, omfg. Youtube, video, Gaming, minecraft, let’s play minecraft, funny minecraft, tobygames, tobuscus, In , Turner moved to Los Angeles, California. Sub-entries 1 total Nugget in a Biscuit. Sorry this video is getting uploaded two days late but I didn’t have internet while I was in Los Angeles! Those made-up words are a mouthful, and everyone did a great job!

That means I can finally finish all the let’s plays I previously had going, like Dead Space and Alice: Bring On the Hate Mail: Toby isn’t the only one who spins off into insane long-winded monologues mid-Let’s Play. Why is it a beautiful day, you ask? Tobuscus walks around Vidcon At the beginning and end of each LazyVlog, Turner will often place his finger of over the lens of his camera in order to cause the camera feed to go black and red as he slowly removes his finger, then white as the camera readjusts to the ambient light. Enjoy this Minecraft song about swinging swords!!! Online History On June 23rd, , Turner uploaded his first video to the Tobuscus channel, [14] featuring a comedy sketch in which he uses a time manipulating remote control during a game of poker shown below.

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Let’s Play Highlights and Recaps Over the next 10 years, the video received upwards ofviews and 5, comments. Grab an MP3, before they run out!: You guys asked, I answered You would not believe how long it took to film and edit this.


Order your SourceFed Posters here: Youtube, video, Entertainment, smoking weed, bubbler, water pipe, glass, sesh, chill, Hits, bong, This cool guy was one of the people in charge of herding us, the “audience” at Tobuscus’ Tobygames Live recording, and he seemed pretty cool so I wanted to interview him as well.

On Episoode 8th,Turner uploaded the first in his Literal Trailers series, featuring a parody song about the film Clash of the Titans shown below.

Tobuscus Uploaded by tobuscusfanheelysgurl Youtube, video, Gaming, let’s play, video game, gameplay, far cry 3, farcry 3, far cry, farcry, eppisode My Different Toby Turner St On June 23rd,Turner uploaded his first video to the Tobuscus channel, [14] featuring a comedy sketch in which he uses a time manipulating remote control during a game of poker shown below.

Sub-entries 1 total Nugget in a Biscuit. Enjoy this Minecraft song about swinging swords!!!

On January 23rd,the romantic comedy film New Low was released, in which Turner plays a stand-up comedian named Dave shown below. In one of his LazyVlogs, Turner revealed that the name “Tobuscus” was given by his friend Lance while they were performing in a play together shown below. Tobuscus Uploaded by 3kole5. Go check him out: Youtube, video, Music, daft punk get lucky, get lucky daft punk, video game song, daft punk, happy Don’t sue me if your ears fall off from too many “likes” and “y’knows,” I have no money anyway.


On May 21st,Turner announced the release of the mobile game Tobuscus Adventures [13]featuring Turner as a wizard character in a world populated by zombies shown below.

TobyGames YouTube Videos: Best to Worst

vry Tobuscus Uploaded by Don. On April 9th, Turner’s ex-girlfriend and fellow vlogger Jaclyn Glenn uploaded a video titled “Toby Turner Rape Allegations,” in which she revealed that while Turner was a terrible boyfriend, she didn’t believe he was a criminal or rapist shown below, left. I can’t believe I forgot this: Don’t have an account?

Er, kiddos, do me a solid and don’t watch this if you’re under Tobuscus Uploaded by Willy Wanka.

The original video is 21 minutes long; I tried to pare it down to five minutes, episodr proved to be impossible. Get Viral Song on iTunes!! Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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Skyrim Video GameParody, On August 11th,Turner began his “LazyVlog” series on the TobyTurner YouTube channel, where he documents his daily life activities shown below, left. We live in an interesting era. Steven is Turner’s imaginary employee who he constantly orders to “roll the next clip” in CuteWinFail videos.