He and Osen urge Mitsunari to stay for dinner and try out the cuisine of Echigo. Watch Episode 2 Sub. Watch Episode 36 Sub. After Kenshin’s death, Kanetsugu continues to loyally serve the Uesugi family, supporting Kenshin’s son Kagekatsu and the people of Echigo Everybody Cha Cha Cha Episode Your IP address will be recorded. Koizumi Kotaro Princess Kiku: Before things escalate further, Hideyoshi steps in and has Mitsunari leave the banquet.

While they are talking, a group of farmers led by Tokubei and Kihachi arrive with baskets of vegetables for them. Hayashi Kunishiro Gesture Instructor: This comment angers Izumisawa Hisahide and the others while Kanetsugu is unperturbed by it. Family Secrets korean Drama Episode Your IP address will be recorded. Post a new comment.

Koizumi Kazuhiro Background Researcher: Tenchijin – Episode 2.

Watch Episode 6 Sub. Tenchijin – Episode 8. He suddenly moves away from Kanetsugu, a solitary tear rolling down his cheek. Watch Episode 13 Sub.

Watch Episode 39 Sub. Han Myung Hoe Episode Tachibana Yoshie Noh Instructor: Tenchijin – Episode 4. Watch Episode 2 Sub. Watch Episode 15 Sub. Tenchijin – Episode 6. Takeda Souun Shooting Assistance: Mitsunari abruptly shows up at the Naoe residence. Watch Episode 5 Sub.

Watch Episode 32 Sub. Osen and Kayo are watching the exchange from afar. This site does not store any files on its server. Watch Episode 22 Sub. Kanetsugu is held in check, however, by Amakasu, Sakurai, and Yamazashi, who urge him to calm down.


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Watch Episode 47 Sub. Watch Episode 23 Sub.

Watch Episode 42 Sub. Mitsunari is about to leave when Kanetsugu manages to return home. Princess Kiku replies that she is the one who should be embarrassed about mentioning it, not him.

Tenchijin – Episode Watch Episode 4 Sub.

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Just as Hideyoshi and Kagekatsu are having a rather comical moment at the banquet, Hatsune is with Tenchihin, who admits to her that he had thought Kanetsugu was just a country samurai from Echigo but he seemed to have gained some knowledge about affairs of state.

He and Kanetsugu end up telling each other their ideal of tecnhijin and contentment. Meteor Garden Episode Owada Tetsuo Customs Researcher: Post a new comment 0 comments.

Mitsunari does decide to stay a little longer and Kanetsugu eisode the farmers to stay for dinner as well. Matsuyama Masamichi Hashiba Hideyoshi: Post a new comment Error.

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Watch Episode 1 Sub. Watch Episode 25 Sub.

Tsumabuki Satoshi Uesugi Kagekatsu: She apologizes to Princess Kiku later about putting too much pressure on her to bear an heir and explains that she only wanted to prevent another tragedy over the successorship from happening again.


Live All right reserved. Oguri Shun Okuni Saneyori: Kanetsugu was trained by Uesugi Kenshin, who taught him that living one’s life with honor and integrity was more important than winning battles. Koizumi Kotaro Princess Kiku: This comment angers Izumisawa Hisahide and the others while Kanetsugu is unperturbed by it. Watch Episode 11 Sub. She wants him to clear up the misunderstanding with his mother but he is too embarrassed to bring it up.

Watch Episode 24 Sub. Sasaki Kishou Sound Effects: Watch Episode 41 Sub. He tells Osen about what Kanetsugu had said about her beauty to Hideyoshi and that even in Kyoto, it was hard to find someone who was her equal. Home Drama List Tenchijin. Even though they see things differently, Mitsunari does find Kanetsugu to be intriguing. Futaki Kenichi Architecture Researcher: