Keep writing and I will keep reading and donating. Great characters, fast paced story, and I don’t want to stop reading. Can’t wait for the next edition!!! There are pieces of how Alice dealt a blow to the order of Eden, etc Unfortunately many of the ones I had read I cannot find in ebook format. I just finished Fragments and started looking for more, this is by far the most captivating reading I have encountered. Received my e-reader for Christmas and randomly downloaded free books to try. Keep up the good books.

In the second part of the Rogue Element Trilogy: I have looked everywhere to find updates on when it will be out and can find nothing. I have to go read: Spinward Fringe rocks and I want no delay in getting to the next book! Definitely a work to be proud of. All the best, a new fan in Boston, MA. For news about upcoming books, go to www.

I plan on enjoying that process over and over again in the future with Spinward Fringe and other single shot books. This volume collects the first two novellas in th… More. This has got to be one the greatest Space Operas since Star Wars. Thanks for a spinqard book! Randy exhibits the same thought and in depth insight to his characters which keeps a reader hanging on every word, chapter and BOOK!

Spinward Fringe Series

Now I am eagerly awaiting Broadcast 7, the sooner the better. It’s some of the most original frnge inspired writing I’ve seen since Heinlein, as a child. Spinward Fringe is the best SciFi book series i have ever read, and i am a avid collector of SciFi books, especially those dealing with space combat.


Randolph Lalonde at Apple. As I said, small quibbles, but something to keep eyes for. One more day I can use your books as an excuse to be lazy.

Spinward Fringe Series by Randolph Lalonde

I wouldn’t have imagined that this page would have so many comments. Just wanted to give a little “atta boy” to you and a little kick in the seat in hopes that Broadcast 7 will be coming soon!! Keep writing and I will s;inward reading and donating. You didn’t miss anything, you’re not alone, and Hampon’s still as crazy as a one legged chicken on LSD.

Shelve Spinward Fringe Broadcast 3: Creative projects take however long they take. This is a spoiler-free blog post, so go ahead and read it if you haven’t been reading along with the serialized version of Broadcast 12, it’s safe.

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Spinward Fringe Broadcast 2: I simply cannot WAIT until the next book comes out. Synopeis soon as I can pay for the next book I’m reading it in one sitting like I did this one!

Always a SyFy fan this series fed my addiction and then some I’m a little sorry I distracted you from the world so thoroughly, though that is my job. I read your Origins book and loved it. I can only echo the sentiments of other readers that are saying how great frinhe series is. Like many posters before me it’s not something I would have picked up on my own, but with the first being free on my kindle, I just couldn’t resist.


I have been an avid scifi reader since the early 70s. Now, two weeks later, I am about to finish Broadcast 6 and find myself thinking about the spinaard before I fall asleep at night. As much as I want to get next book tomorrow I need to resist temptation.

Fragments by Randolph Lalonde. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. And I want this to be a TV series.

I never did a term of service, though I have great respect for people who serve their countries. Write faster, I have run out of reading. Thank you for writing such a brilliant series. It is my pleasure to address the grammar and proofing errors in the series.