All credit goes to rickSG from addic7ed. Made for a version with uncensored audio that I have just created, will probably upload this version somewhere. South Park – s06e05 – Fun With Veal. S07E11 – Casa Bonita. I may take a long break before doing Season 8. South Park – 15×03 – Royal Pudding.

South Park – s02e08 – Summer Sucks. EThe Death of Eric Cartman. South Park – Season 4 – All Episodes. Corrected and resynced for all HDTV, credits to innuit. Works with all uncensored versions of the episode. South Park Sixth Season.

South Park – s06e14 – The Death Camp of tolerance.

Convert frame-rate from DVDRip. South Park Season 12 x [Phr0stY].

With Reverso dictionaries embedded in your videos, you can click any word in the subtitles and instantly get its translations together with real-life usage examples. South Park – 21×03 – Holiday Special. Since this was a popular torrent, here are the synced subtitles for McTav’s version: S01E02 – Weight Gain South Park – s08e13 – Cartman’s Incredible Osuth.


Extracted from another site.

Creme Fraiche – Full Episode – Season 14 – Ep 14 | South Park Studios Nordics

South Park – s03e01 – Rainforest Schmainforest. Thanks to LeapinLar for the rip. Subtitles by Waqas Khan. South Park – s03e06 – Sexual Harassment Panda. South Park – 18×08 – Cock Magic. South Park – s03e09 – Jewbilee.

South Park – 18×07 – Grounded Vindaloop. Retail subs in sync with the Episode South Park – S06E02 – Asspen.

South Park – 16×07 – Cartman finds love. South Park – 17×03 – World War Zimmerman.

South park s11 dvdrip

South Park – 17×02 – Informative murder porn. English Subtitles for the McTav release south park season 9.

Please note the subtitles are arranged to the proper episode titles and not the episode numbers provided by McTav. South Park – s02e10 – Chickenpox. Like for Season 5, it took me a week to do the edits for all of the episode in Season subtiyles. S07E15 – It’s Christmas in Canada. South Park – s04e12 – Fourth Grade. South Park – s02e15 – Spooky Fish.


Subdl : Subtitle for south park fourteenth season

Hearing Impaired content Removed South Park [3×04] – Jakovasaurs. South Park – 18×02 – Gluten Free Ebola. South Park [3×12] – Hooked on Monkey Phonics. Removed and corrected all crap TAG lines. Works with all uncensored versions of the episode. South Park – s04e05 – Pip. South Park – s06e05 – Fun With Veal.

I didn’t make the skbtitles , just improved them to HD release. South Park [2×04] – Ike’s Wee Wee. A great way to perfect your English! Its Christmas in Canada.

Also synced to T00NG0D’s version and any uncensored versions out there.