Bong’s original wish was to shoot the film entirely in Korea , but a studio large enough to accommodate a set of such scale was difficult to find, thus Barrandov Studio was used instead, requiring the construction of a meter replica of the title train. The version I watched didn’t have subtitles for the asian dude talking so I missed about 5min of dialogue which is why I also upset. He he knew putting his arm in there was a sacrice to save teddy but it was an entirely different piece andy was in unless i missed something. Sure it preforms a function. John Hurt thinks so. Suspension of disbelief has to be heightened to move past some of the more flimsy aspects of the plot No way we saw the full length of the train – where the fuck do people sleep or go to the toilet? Also, I think we’re supposed to use a little suspension of disbelief about the chances of the folks out there.

Besides that, he’s completely aware that Curtis sees him as an addict that’s too hopped up on drugs to know up from down, so his findings would essentially be falling on def ears. The film makes this quite literal, but in reality population grown, mostly among the “masses” is what enables perpetual economic growth. As well there is tower where you with no snow on it and you can clearly see a blue stripe. Retrieved 22 June I think that may have been more of a happy consequence that there were children for the taking when the component ran out – whatever it was. This would mean that having a human component in the engine would have been necessary from the train’s inception. Compare that to ed harris who’s idea of the train and humanity were so inseparable that h tried to run them in the same fashion.

Yeah in the outside shots you never saw the entire train clearly an artistical choice but even what you could see was about 50 cars at best.


The production values were very high with the snowpirrcer train cars. Boston Online Film Critics Association []. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Archived from the original on 14 March She is so important in furthering the mystery of whether or not anyone is at the engine and building the suspense only to see her die a quick, satisfying death and KNOW there is more shit going down later in the movie. Shooting at Barrandov Studios will never stop with a perpetual engine.

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He seemed to know the bullets would do no good. They literally just need to sit and move their arms through a tube.

Archived from the original on 22 January Someone has a theory that the drug was originally a type of medicine in an earlier draft. I mean, that was some holocaust-caliber bullshit they went through, which isn’t necessarily the best conditions for fertility.

While, yes, a year old and a kid probably wouldn’t have much of a shot in that environment, the subtitels, like the whole film, is symbolic, and not literal. Archived from the original on 19 September Archived from the original on 9 February I kept thinking Wilford was some made up person Mason made up to have control.

Can we discuss Snowpiercer? (Spoilers) : movies

Archived from the original on 5 July Detroit Film Critics Society []. Curtis progresses from the conditions of the “third world” to those enjoyed by a “Global Capitalist” as he moves forward. Retrieved 6 December Sbowpiercer the one unrealistic piece of this movie, that Curtis actually destroys the train instead of taking Wilford up on his offer.

Also, there’s a level of allegory in the film I haven’t seen anyone mention here. Large snow flakes can only occur at temperatures near the freezing point of water.

The ending was too vague and neutral, and therefore seems to be playing it safe rather than expressing anything profound or thought-provoking. The Salt Lake Tribune. Even if Gilliam turned “good” over the years, and was part of the plan to keep the status quo the entire time which I think is pretty clear he at least started out as tl;dr It seems Gilliam was in on the whole scheme up to the end.


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Chris Evans Talking About ‘Snowpiercer ‘ “. Utah Film Critics Association []. Retrieved 23 June Don’t get me wrong I loved this movie, but it really was the world’s longest dead baby joke. Retrieved 11 December I love the fact that I am working for Director Bong. Archived from the original on 2 March Shbtitles 14 Julyprincipal photography officially wrapped in the Barrandov Studios after a day shoot, [] [] with post-production carried out in South Korea, and Bong started editing the film for its release.

The film was eventually released on home media in North America on 21 October Archived from the original on 29 June Archived from the original on wubtitles January Snowpiercer is top notch cinematography, great acting, maybe a little too much gore sometimes, but essentially everything you can ask for in a movie.

Both ends of the train are consuming children, albeit in different ways. I much preferred the performances from every other main character to that of Naamgoong, even though they were nothing special either.

Does anyone know why at some point a lot of characters who Xubtitles happened there?