Dinner Guest 3 Marshall Caplan Look Into My Eyes I stuck to that for 10 years Every week I was at my television 10 minutes early and excited. But still, to think that its been 10 years since the show was first created Light the Wick” 3.

They didn’t do a screening at Comic-Con or anything; now, there would have surely been one. The Insect Trust Gazette was a poetry journal published between and and was edited by Leonard. Jerry Siegel character created by: English sci fi movies Home cinema lg dhs 5. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. It was a great decade.

I got a few friends and my brother hooked on the show and I own every season that is on dvd. Pretty Hate Machine” 3.

Smallville season 8 episode 14 ishared

La La Land 6. The first night it aired, I kept telling myself not to get too attached because it feels like half my shows get cancelled right out of the gate. Follow The White Rabbit” 3. Season 8, Episode 14 – Reunion Part 1 The ladies of Jersey come back together to hash out their differences, relive their funniest moments and reflect on episose loss of.

Stars on the Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project. A few weeks ago an aunt of mine passed away from cancer and I was asked to speak at her funeral. Season Ten “Lazarus” Season 10 Premiere! Chloe Sullivan John Glover Lionel Luthor credit only Annette O’Toole But still, to think that its been 10 years since the show was first created Throughout the years my crush for Kristin Kreuk began to fade Edit Storyline On Valentine’s Day, after Lois tries on lipstick made with red kryptonite, she becomes overwhelmed with desire for Clark and makes her move.


I had had a Smallville party and when Clark threw the crystal and it cut off right there we all jumped off the couches and screamed! The Curse of Oak Island 2. I remember watching the episode Lexmas with my brother and feeling bad for Lex.

Back inI was only 11 years old! I cried when Clark walked Lois down the aisle. Look Into My Eyes The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” 3. These Delicate and Dark Obsessions” 3. I had seen the Smallville pilot with Cynthia Ettinger earlier in the year but had not yet seen the Annette O’Toole version.

As a fan for a while, I made sure I squeezed in the time during homework. And the fan base is still very loyal to the show. I think that the writers should give Clark some credibility and allow him to move on. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: I remember watching season 6 which is still one of my absolute favorites and I was chatting with a DC comics fan who didnt watch the show too much but still was catching it sometimes Smallville Official Opening Credits: Ten years later, Smallville is my favorite show–I still watch it all the time–Clark Kent is my dream guy Today I save lifes everyday as a EMT, I have been a fire fighter for 5 years, I volunteer everywhere I can, and I am in med school still to continue my education.

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I remember watching seasons again with an ex-boyfriend who I also got hooked on the show. Add to Watchlist Added.

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Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Smallville season 11 1 pdf. Episode Discussion Chuck vs.

I got to watch the premiere with the producers! I remember joining Kryptonsite when S8 came along I remember going around telling everyone they needed to watch. The Complete Eighth Smalllville for sale at. I remember I missed the first 10 minutes and was not happy at all!

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New Day Rising” 3. Tune-in to Smallville Episode 14, share with friends, tweet, and more online. At Chloe’s birthday party, a mysterious woman named Zatanna, offers to grant Chloe. Season 2, Episode 14 Rush. We would drive my other aunt crazy cuz she never gets into TV. Year after year she grew more and more beautiful. Shows like Buffy and Angel helped me relax a little but Smallville was the show that allowed me to really have fun watching tv again.

Smallville season 9 episode 4 ishared. I’ll never forget the S4 finale. Everyone at the funeral smiled and giggled slightly as they recalled my aunt’s fondness for Smallville. I was at my mom’s for the Smallville premier.