I don’t know where to begin. Plot holes litter the entire film. Does that sound vaguely familiar? Look, it’s stupid, I know that. I can’t wait for the sequel! A horror film that depicts St. Dick Maas is still very good at directing chase-scenes, and the chase-scene with the Sint riding his horse over the rooftops of Amsterdam is very impressive and easily one of the best moments of this movie.

The Sint played by Huub Stapel also never speaks, save for some mumbling here and there. That there was none. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Its also really neat seeing other countries santa claus legends. A Christmas Tale Nicholas on horseback riding atop rooftops! All in all, it’s good fun to watch.

Anti-Muslim tweets, flashing and whitewashing history Premium. Zombies ate my neighbours! This movie is made to be cheesy. You got me confused here. Views Read Edit View history.

Despite being in Dutch language, do not let that be a hindrance to watching sinterklaascilm movie, and despite its shortcomings, “Saint” is an rather enjoyable movie. The court ruled in favor of Maas, noting that the mutilated face was not visible enough on the poster, and rejected the complaint. Only, this time, there’s someone waiting to stop him.

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It’s nowhere sinterklaqsfilm realistic, and the fakeness is quite entertaining actually. Also, there are three main plots, and one of them, if it wasn’t there I wouldn’t miss it. I know every movie has it’s fans and you got your own taste, but on a professional level I can’t say it’s a good movie. It’s completely over the top and that’s great. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: The two join up to end Niklas once and for all, and more or less succeed with special forces thrown at sinterk,aasfilm or not!


The killings are just relentlessly gory, Dick Maas definitely burned the candle on both ends to disgust his audience. A cop opens fire on St. Its also really neat seeing other countries sinterkkaasfilm claus legends.

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That there was none. Sinterklaasfiln why my final verdict is 8 out of ten. The whole twisted concept about Saint Niklas yeah, I am going with the Dutch spelling here in this movie was so bizarre and I loved that. From the beginning sinterklasafilm atmosphere was just like the other films of Dick Maas. This movie is simply out to entertain. Our final girls are an old drunk and a sex-crazed teenage boy, that’s pretty creative to say the least.

If you’ve seen Dick Maas’ earlier movies you kind of know what to expect. This is movie is all you can ask for in a horror comedy.

Anyway, I had to do some online research after-wards to put the film’s narrative in context and I am not complaining in that regard. This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat While children are not permitted to see the film, parental concern arose over the film’s poster, seen in the streets and in the lobbies of movie theaters.


Yes folks, this is one of those movies you’ll either hate or love – no way in between! Van Dijk Kees Boot Coventry 28 November Part of Dastardly Difficult December: A horror film that depicts St.

Writer-director Dick Maas needs to find another line of work, Saint is just awful in every possible respect.

About the plot of “Sint” I can be rather brief. The Sint himself for example doesn’t have that much backstory except for the fact that he is childkiller who got burned to death by villagers out of revenge.

First time I watched this film I really didn’t care for It and found it laughable.

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If possible, though, get the subtitled version, as the English dubbing is horrible. At least not if you have a slight sense of dark humor. National Trust discount code. To expect more will surely lead to disappointment.

I can recommend this movie very much! Arno Willemstein Peter Warnier.