So, the writers relied on that little faith and a lot of patience on our part because they ultimately knew the story they intended to tell, even if the middle stretch of the series did feel like we were in limbo. What’s wrong with that? Though the statute of limitations has run out, the truth remains. Okay, now to the plot: XD Thanks for the recap! Once he kills Cha-don, they can run away together. It still won’t beat out History of the Salaryman, but I could feel the touches put in by that team, and I think this drama will improve when held to the test of time.

He had put his own self on this pedestal too. In fact, she is the ONLY one who did that. I didn’t like that Jae In gained back all that weight, but after reading comments here, I realised how fitting it was to tell that last lesson – it’s what’s in the inside that counts! Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Just hated that she killed herself like that. Bi-ryung tends to Se-kwang, whose bullet wound has been painfully removed. Got off too easy. I tuned into this drama becos of him and am so glad that i did.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Archived from the original on 31 March One really has to turn the other cheek and stop perpetuating the need for justice. Still didn’t get it at the end. Okay, now to the plot: The bad guys were dealt with separately.

incarnation of money actors make

Jae-in beats herself up for being the last to know and asks why her father decided to show up now, twenty-five years after he first left them. Once he kills Cha-don, they can run away together. The nation is in uproar when the real names of the people who collaborated to inczrnation the truth are disclosed, particularly Se-kwang.


TNmS Ratings in Korean. I parg a little put off by the very end where Jae In gains weight, but I remember an episode where Cha Don said, “I liked it better when she was fat!

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I don’t think the kid is either Se Kwang’s or Cha Don’s dad – it is an unanswered question. He didn’t deserve to die, he deserved to suffer so much more. See the full list. I’m falling back because it’s exam week, but after all of my exams I will be sure to catch up!

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incarnation of money actors make

It was of course a big deal to CD. I can’t believe my eyes though when you included Rurouni Kenshin’s love theme. Jae-in shows up at the same park and wakes up her father. Thank you Gummimochi for your recaps. I’m so sorry I forgot to thank you.

He wasn’t necessarily a villain in this series even though he may have done some rather horrible deeds. What’s wrong with that?

This is a classic case of the victim becoming the aggressor. He mumbles in his sleep until he violently shakes awake. Se Gwang, the bullet was too good for him! She know what she and the others did was wrong. Too bad he didn’t get a decent kiss scene, though. It’s a shame that they never got a decent kiss in this drama; either one of them shed a tear in disgust, or the other one was sleeping.


[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 24

The day of the trial arrives and Attorney Kwon is still thinking about Hyuk. Donui Hwashin is a South Korean television series about greed, ambition, and love.

Despite all the shortcomings as pointed out by other commentators, it was a drama that appealed to me and I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an interesting drama to watch.

Instead of a ring, he proposes to her with the necklace and epissode not to make her suffer anymore. He is par in this part, he does drama well, but he excels at the comedic and this show gave him a chance to really shine.

About Se Kwang – episoode did turn out to be a tragedy where he is concern. Yet I known many kids who’s mom or dad has left the family for another person. I thought Jae In looked prettier with a few extra pounds because the skinny Jae In’s face was too sharp and always looked unbalanced with that bowl cut.