Unlike most people I’m not having an issue with the pace of the show. She refuses to go, deeming that she wants to be with Takeshi. I think she’s already top game in her career Was he scared because of the storm and got lost?? Now free, she stretches out… and in walks Tae-kang mid I believe I can fly pose with her bra laid out on the table. Can I ship Ji An with herself? June 24, at 1: RedRosette October 31, at

However, I did like this episode a lot. Thanks for the recap, gummimochi! Her statement makes Jae-in stop in his tracks, as if he wants to say something to counter that. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Putting aside the romantic angle for the time being, at this point in Jian’s life, I think she needs the presence of both men – Tae Kang and Eun-sung. Satoshi rushes out, determined to kill both Takeshi and Kenichi, but dad refrains him. I wondered about that too! Your email address will not be published.

I think Dada’s mother took the sponsorship as the lesser of two evils. When Da-hyun pulls open a drawer to put the medicine box away, she notices a hwar picture lying inside the drawer. August 7, at 7: Sorry doc, i never liked you and this episode just made it worse Aw, brownie points for Seiko. This kind of show could go on for like episodes and I’d watch every single one. Kim Hae Sook Supporting Cast.

Hard to find it. Sure she’s new to being pregnant but I’m sure she can figure it out!

He suggests that she inquire her dad instead. If YAB is any indication, usually people store up Hong Sister dramas and then insist on watching them later. Koji offers someone else to protect Sorel and Okusang on their honeymoon, but Taro is willing to go. We see Epizode lowering the hanging man.


If she lets it go another episode, that’s pretty lousy and shows a lack of confidence in the audience characters and the writer herself The next morning, Tae-kang rouses awake to three stern pairs of eyes.

Kenichi contemplates his situation with Misawa. Aiko tells her dad that she wants an abortion but dad prohibits it, not wanting her to risk her life. The Doc is getting annoying and is becoming a pain in the butt character. I really hope that the writers aren’t dragging out Ji-an not telling Tae-kang about the baby because they don’t know what else to write about afterwards.

He adds that he wants her to bug disturb his heart instead. Tae-ah’s mom would still be the dad’s sister, so would her statements make sense if this is the scenario?

What the show does well aside from pairing such electric actors Mario, Taew, Nadech and Yaya who has formidable chemistry with each other they touch on the relationship aspect very well, be it love for your significant other uour for your family.

The fact that every African on the continent who likes Kdrama finds their way to the dramabeans website is a testament to how great Javabeans and the team are. She does have a friend who is a mother. I find it ick-some that men 17 or 18 years older can marry their younger counterparts, but it gets frowned upon when the woman is older He holds his sister close and promises to take care of her and her baby.

We find Kenichi released and raging over his incapable minions. The group tries to connect the dots: Agreeing, Jae-in puts his arm around her to cuddle, and Da-hyun rests her head on his shoulder.

Episods an vooice error. There are people who hold very differing opinions depending on their moral values and seeing that is extremely refreshing, especially when those worlds clash against each other.


Excellent Point – He was listening to her, valued what she said and wanted to be “claimed” by her. Eun Sung needs to go away.

Mermaid Scribbler November 2, at 5: Thank you soooooouuu much aafa Within hours of the incident the neighbor placed wire fencing on the inside of the balcony railing. He’s not her doctor. She pities her father who blindly trusts in his son.

Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan: Episode 8

I really enjoyed it at the beginning, but it’s starting to go downhill She gets easily voife by Kim Sun-ah in those confrontations and I found her much more likeable in those comedic moments with Lee Jang-woo.

I just voicf everything about this episode my favorite, thus far. Eun-sung tells her to calm down Dude so not what you say to a pregnant woman or any woman in that moment for that matter. He then became the son of the ‘eldest’ son of the Lee Family by adoption. This is another Kdrama where the storyline is moving soooooooo slowly!!!!

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She walks over to a balcony area and breathes in the fresh air, when suddenly, she spots a puppy crawling dangerously along the ledge outside. D It’s true in the real world and happens in dramas. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: She will always be his little sister no matter what.