I can’t come up with any other reason for all the plot threads the show kept open. Because she is the recipient of so much scorn and misunderstanding, I am leaving this proof behind. Disappointed March 5, at 4: Nothing much left to say about these puppies because the got their nice happy ending wrapped up in a bow, except that they’ve stayed true to themselves throughout this show and deserve a bundle of hugs. I actually checked dwiki to make sure it was the exact same actress they are so dissimilar. Shi-hyun gets a call from Soo-yeon about the concert hall and announces the date to his friends. Hwayugi had all the ingredients as Goblin but the Hong cooks screwed the execution.

So a year and a half give or take…. Otherwise we would all be like little kids hopped up on sugar and refusing to go to bed. I first saw the recap at 15 comments and by the time I finished reading and crying there were 93 comments and counting! I tried to thumbs-up this comment more than once, it’s so great! With each other… with their situation… with their future. Was Healer like this? She wasn’t evil enough to get our attention and not nice enough for us to sympathize with her. It is so refreshing to see a drama with a slightly more realistic depiction of South Korean society, wherein the main protagonist does indeed end up losing everything while still finding happiness AND without having to die for it!

But just in case she gets investigated and put in jail, Seo has to promise to send her some spending money. I love everything about the drama but the end of 19 and most of The hapless assistant declines to shut down the goodbye concert, so Joon Hyung threatens to fire him.


The world felt full and the mythology was layered, thanks to the wealth of its source material in Journey to the West. She is arranging siinopsis leave some of her things at her place. I don’t like being told to imagine it via the exposition fairy. In scene after scene we, the viewers, look through to what the protagonists think are discreet goings on set in stultifying interiors.

Though not particularly excited about the way the plot was described….

She didn’t have to be powerful, but couldn’t she have had at least the agency of knowledge and discussion of important things with Son Oh-gong? But your method is so shabby. But the kiss does trigger a memory of a past kiss, and that sends another shooting pain to his heart. Ia beranganangan berkeliling dunia jurnalisme serta merta menariknya kembali. Oh-gong knows that Mawang loves him and tells him not to miss him too much.

But when she tries to pull the bracelet off, it glows but stays put, refusing to budge. The boys are quietly pleased at this development, though they all understand that there will be many more hurdles for them to cross in the future.

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Thanks, dear Koala for letting me borrow your platform. So if she the one who truly loved OG died, and he who didn’t truly love her was left behind and the GGG disappeared, everything would be good. The writers actually took the whole episode and wrapped up the ending nicely: Dokko Jin may be one of my favorite romantic heroes ever.

Warm thanks, looking forward to the next time. I dont understand how fans could get insane like thatI mean when Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt, I didnt do anything crazy, I just stopped watching her films.


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We are being reminded that the secrets will not remain secret. Yes, this was absolutely the one drama which would not have been as completely awesome as it was, without JB and GF’s detailed terakhig and analyses: Pre-journey to the west?

Performing acts that compromised her honor — with great style. One is, that the conservative Korean audience perhaps needed a scene that acknowledges the immorality of an affair. I mean, she was mortal sinopsks.

She had told him to leave them…he refused. Or patiently looking over her while the male lead scooped her up. I know exactly what you mean!!

I look forward to your recaps on this too. Seung Pyo dan memberikannya pada anak tunggal ia tempelkan di tengah hujan.

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Last thing, what on holy earth was Aejung wearing in the very last scene of the episode? I agree with you. Grandma overhears this and calls his bluff, telling him to buy everything so that they can close for he day. She clutches the necklace to make herself invisible when he comes winopsis, only to accidentally make herself visible when she knocks a bottle over.