Bakar Ayam Marketing September 04, 3: This village is one of destination of trans-migrant program originating from Java, thus, the majority of the population is Javanese. This study aim to describe an in-depth construction of shifting views of Javanese trans-migrants community in Olak-Olak Village. However, according to a research by Yuliarti and her colleagues , the cities like Tanjung Selor and Batam have been publicized positively by Kompas, a national mass media, as the smart cities. However, not all farmers disagree with the construction of dams, there are some who doubt about agreeing or disagreeing, this is based on having to accept the policies of the government even though they basically disagree. The heirs; The suspicious. This complex situation became main factor why the population policy had not been implemented. Kami sudah menyediakan ringkasan cerita dan sinopsis drama heirs untuk anda.

Effendi, Ridwan dan Malihah. Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics Heirs Korean Drama Clark Fernando. Diplomacy is expected to solve many problems although not necessarily beneficial for all parties. Ameliya Juni 03, They also began to be exposed to credit facilities and modern institution which was designed to accommodate agricultural sector in the rural areas. Therefore, if the inequality is so high, it is generally seen as unfair. Jurnal Ilmiah Administrasi Publik, 2 4.

The value of land was based on the products and revenue generated from the land rather than the land itself. In addition to those views that reinforce their sinlpsis to keep struggle, in early life, some of transmigrants got opportunity to earn live by works in sawmills.

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The crust of the Earth heir composed of a great variety of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. We searched the scholarly articles bentars scholar. In this respect, mostly all means of transactions exchanges were increasingly conducted in monetary form.

In fact it can be seen that the other coffee shops also create a menu with a similar term. America Anthropologist, 66 3. The rapid urbanization growth has been a serious threat of governments in the world.


The most identical problem was indebtedness as they borrowed from the moneylenders especially Chettiars who imposed high interest rate on the loan. The exclusive provisions regarding the land ownership by the Malays in the land law was then applied as the standard form including the amended Johor land law of However, most of those who stay come from East Java and Central Java.

Severe conditions when land resources could not be cultivated due to the form of land was swampy forest, inundated during the tide season, isolated from other areas, encourage some transmigrants sold their land and leave Olak-olak Kubu Village.

There was also the suggestion that the similar scheme was to be extended to other states. The smart city concept can be changed to the smart community Intelligent Community Forum, The objectives of government programs in each period vary as are government programs in other areas.

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Unknown Juni 24, 1: The institution of Zakat as the Islamic obligatory dues was more closely related to social and religious responsibilities. Waode Ningsy Juni 02, 9: The year was the important year for the smart city since there were 13 research articles about that issue. Moreover, it is not clear that the credit scheme was exclusively allocated for the Malay farmers.

Also, smart city implementation must consider how to manage information and data. Bakar Ayam Marketing September 04, 3: We used content analysis and word frequency analysis to answer the questions.

Despite fluctuations in regional inequality in West Kalimantan, however, the figure tends to decline for 10 years. The current research is also too much centered in Java. Foreign culture should not be a destroyer and make the Asian people forget about national identity and identity. Motives, systems of feelings, systems of trust and beliefs formed by previous experiences, both individual experiences and social experiences.

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They also had license as assistant dinopsis evaluater in Johor Bahru. This leads to the study of social change in society by using a quantitative approach. From the lower class perspective, it is evident that the Malay peasants did not have advantages in order to have access to financial facilities for the purpose of initial capital investment compared to the Malay aristocrats.


They need jobs, housing, foods, water, electricity, and other services. Also, mass media support Bandung smart city along with Jakarta by publicizing the news with a positive tone Yuliarti et al, We ignored the words without meanings like the stop words.

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Support provided by the people of Indonesia would certainly be able to facilitate the United States in doing a diplomatic relationship with Indonesia. Most of them still remained as smallholders and their labour resources was limited to family members. The first episode released on a screening event on December 10,following the online release 3 days after.

Journal of Strategy and Management, 8 3 However, it was evident that even the Malay aristocrats did not have experty in managing their money matters although they had been directly involved in commercial economy and were still dependent on the joint venture with the Chinese.

In the new place, with the condition of natural environment and shelter they have not prepared to face 30 before, cooperation was utmost important in overseas area where they have no one but their group.

Transmigrants came to Olak-olak Kubu village gradually in 4 departure group from until There are numerous studies about the smart city, but there is only a little body of academic research discussing the research trends itself.

Meanwhile, the business tends to do research with international audience.