When Kim Tan was locked in his room, I knew I’d been watching this series and suspending my disbelief far too long. And she’s already planning to go back to her old school. May be people in the society may say things about BN’s and MS’s dating or friendship choices like YS said but they don’t care because their family does not care. Tae Won tells Lord Yoon that, sooner or later, the King himself would have found out about the fake plague. They seem to have softened considerably, and their tactics have changed too. Sung Ji Heon also goes back to the capital and then confronts Tae Won. She eventually commits suicide by drinking poison, with Lord Yoon soon following her. Jung Nan Jung demands part of the 50, nyang in silver from the head merchants, and Lord Yoon gives the money to the Ming envoy.

Chiefly British A pullover sweater. It doesn’t matter as long as he can breathe. Chief Kang reports these things to Lady Han and the woman with the double jade rings. On a side note, Tan’s dad is super annoying. I also think they changed writer since episode Thanks for the recap ladies. Armanti Februari 24, 1:

I think the producers were counting on the fact that most Korean viewers would miss that. I don’t think he hates Tan at all. Also, consider last week’s episode, in which YD and Tan reflect on the end of their relationship. Those shares are apparently hot commodity. And so, he orders Ok Nyeo to entertain the Prince.


She is a Korean citizen, so not kirea he can send her “back” anyplace. Thanks for the recap But Man Bo has been targeted for assassination by a new prisoner named Tae Won.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis The Heirs Episode 8

And it was the same way when Hyo shin kissed Rachel to make Hyun joo jealous. Low angle shot, keystoning From Episode 4: Lady Han hesitates at first but agrees later on. OH Drama gods make it happen! How he recovers from the rejection is the big question! The Chief Warden is demoted to being a mere officer in Jeonokseo.

And as usual in most k-dramas, they totally ignore any of the visa and immigration laws – so unless he pays off someone sinopdis another country also, that long term option is out.


It’s great to see Eun Sang smile and act cute. Bo Na is also the only one I have any interest in also.

The King then visits the Queen Mother and informs her that he will abolish Sogyeokseo. The King thus begins firming up a plan to protect Ok Nyeo. Betrayal Episode 6 summary: It wasn’t until he turned that I saw the Jeguk on the sinopsiis and realized it was the gym uniform. I can’t take back my former distaste, because heifs was so insanely violent before omg, but my distaste is now tinged with disappointment, because now it’s just like Decisive moment Photojournalism Saving Tae Won Episode 12 synopsis: What story, about her social status?

We understand that a covenant marriage is for life. The way he treats the people closest to him, like toy figurines there for him to play with and move about at his will, is just horrible. Megumi November 28, at She hurriedly tells the Queen Mother about it. I could feel ES’s fear through the TV.


They’re fighting, man to man. Tan can take care of him self and all of this was bond to get out someday.

Rachel is sobbing at the news of the broken engagement, and asks her mother why she had to take it this far. Irha Simamora November 06, 8: This on his personality came from nowhere, when episodes upon episodes all we see is both KT and YD on each other’s throats. Jung Nan Jung is arrested, along with her head merchant and trusted bodyguard.

AJ, I asked the same question earlier. Sung Ji Heon and Ok Nyeo begin planning the next moves for their trade group. Make it happen, K-drama gods! Later on, Tae Won targets another trade group. He berates Lord Yoon and the ministers: He looked so in pain, in the meeting with his parents.