I was just a piece of gum that stuck to him. MiMi March 20, at 9: It felt that Jihyuk and the others were really high schoolers with all the idealism and hotheadedness. I regretted it like crazy. Ji-hyuk heads inside, leaving Mom on the rooftop. Download the latest version here. Trading punches, Hyun-soo demands to know where Ji-hyuk is, calling him out as being the so-called leader who let his group fall apart. Ye-rim gets a new song from Seung-hoon, and notes how sad the lyrics are.

Sung-jun is someone that is very considerate”. I thought this would be a joint-recap with JB but anyway, just wanna thank you both for your awesome and efficient recaps. I regretted it like crazy. Ji-hyuk’s speech at the pool hall was so sad. This is one drama that I’m going to be rewatching forever. He stops in his tracks.

So was it worth it? But, I am happy that it ended on a good note. But then you realize the whole reason they started the band was to be together.


He gets up to go, but stops to say something. This drama was never about five guys dreaming of making it big, and that kind of ending would have glossed over all the conflicts it skillfully introduced along the way — about what the band means for them.

Ji-hyuk walks off, trampling over the pieces of my broken heart, and Mom stops him with one last remark: Nobody to care about. Flower Boy Band Favorite.

I Have been waiting. I thought this would be a joint-recap with JB but anyway, just wanna thank you both for your awesome and efficient recaps. Ji-hyuk finally puts an end to the gut-spilling by calling him a girl, and offering to make him ramyun. The sort of happiness that those boys would appreciate. Nay sinopsus in sad that there’s no more eyecandy to look forward to: I wish there were more dramas like this, real, raw, and organic. I cried watching the episode and reading the recap!


Heh, how I regret thinking that way.

She also says that for the first time in her career, she feels her conscience troubling her: He agrees that they should at least hear the song. Moll March 19, at 9: The other half should to go to the rest of our boys, lol. Maymay March 20, at What an extraordinary ending to such an awesome series!!! So thank youdrama.

Pepper Fish March 19, at 9: Romance Is a Bonus Book: Yeom Jung Ah as Ji Hyuk’s mom – as you said, pitch perfect casting. You’re going to China? Joo Byung-hee Lee Min-ki is the crazy, free-spirited leader and vocalist of the popular underground rock group, Eye Candy.

She offers to set him up with someone, when Hyun-soo walks in and sees them all smiley with each other. Su-ah was alone too, sjnopsis me, and I liked her even more because of that — I wanted to protect her even more. I’ve really enjoyed this series and the story lines, thankfully, haven’t been of the canned variety. Flower Hsut BandSung Joon. The Japanese agents give them a contract offer, which looks favorable enough to get the boys excited.

But I sent her away too, to protect this goddamned band! I was going to sinopis with the others and keep us going till you came back. Even Rock Kim and Silva are included in the ending. Sincere congrats to the production team, the cast, and everyone involved in that project. Wow, i was so wrapped up in the story that i didn’t realized it was so close to the end already.


[REVIEW] Shut Up Flower Boy Band | KDramaID

And once you break that will… you break him. Thank you so much for this recap, it definitely made my day. But the band ended up being a symbol and a device for their friendship and growing apart more than anything. I wanted to see her, so I did. I don’t think we’ll be left with a bunch of loose ends, but plenty of open ends. I’m not feeling it Hyun-soo tries to call Ji-hyuk, but the phone has been left behind at home.

This will be my go to and ultimate favorite drama, depends on today’s finale. I was too focused on the story and the characters, who were for the most part so real, that I had no time to be nit-picky whatsoever. Adolescence, and its attendant uncertainties about my identity and future, are far enough in my rearview mirror that I can look on the good parts without feeling the bite of the bad parts.

I agree with Gf.