She sees Iljimae lying unconscious, and gets busy tending to him. The man definitely gives off villain vibes, however, and the ominous words he tells Kim Ja-jeom suggest that he is a threat to Iljimae: Thank you so so much for the recaps, now I can die happy. So you were willing to kill your son, and countless innocents?! Thanks so much for keeping them coming! Thanks you sooo much for your recap.

Why have such a sad ending for Bong Soon? Jin Pal Kang adalah salah satu pekerja di perusahaan itu yang harus bertanggung jawab atas kelima adiknya setelah orang tuanya meninggal. Shoemaker has gone back to his trade amongst the commoners, and is delivering shoes to a far distant shore, where Kunghe is living. Shi Hoo comes out to the courtyard and sees the king fleeing somewhere. He reads it and finds out the truth of the matter — that the king had Lee Won Ho killed and then framed as a traitor. Why did you kill my father? Therefore the second pare of shoes is for….

That first cap looks nice! AMG, they need to make a sequel to thissssss!!!!!!! Once again, Wang Hweng-bo klrea bored, and needs more mischief to satisfy him.

Episode 12 by LollyPip. Why have such a sad ending for Bong Soon? Sung-kae menarik Iljimae dan berhenti untuk memasak makanan. Untungnya, dia mendarat di atas matras di b The adults look tense. Meanwhile, Iljimae is having trouble with the lock to the last palace. Now I can rewatch episode 20 zinopsis with understanding.


The Return of Iljimae 1-24 (Final)

The heavy breathing too. I wished Yongee and Bong Soon have many happy moments together.

The rest clear out and head back. Go Kyung Hee Penulis Naskah: Just very curious about the future. After being shot, Iljimae collapses in the forest, where some children find him. But he seemed like he was feigning madness. So you were willing to kill your son, and countless innocents?! I have been waiting more than two weeks for the rest of the episode recaps.

Darn, I was hoping those were for Bong Soon. However, he forbids all mentions of Iljimae in front of Eun Chae.

Also, that stare at the end, and the music, I cried. Drama korea untouchable vampir iljjmae indonesia, drama korea untouchable vampir sub indonesia, drama korea untouchable vampire, drama korea unt How others thinks about this idea? The ending is a bit rushed and hard to understand, leaving me a sense of incompleteness and slight disappointment.

Meanwhile, constipated noble demands to see the king but is taken to the assassin. Even the gender was referred wrongly.

You taught me to kill the person standing in my path, be he a buddha or a friend. Sinopsis The Fugitive Plan B. Shi Hoo gets smart and tells Shi Wan and his people to wait in a certain kores, as there will be diggers there. Then he runs to his mommy. Long way to go, yes i knw.


Really amazing and interesting…………. He looks his brother in the eye and they acknowledge each other.

Sinopsis Drama Iljimae (Tamat)

His mothers got heartbroken friends. Yeah I finished the last repeated episode on May 16th too: Think I should learn to speak Hangul hmmm to enjoy the drama in essence. I skipped all the part that having Eun Chae in it, and keep playing again again parts that Bong Soon and Youngee together.

Well there are a lot of inconsistencies in this drama, like how did he get his sword back after he rescued Eun Chae? After looking at a handful of the blog posts on your web site, I honestly appreciate your way of blogging. I really love “rewatching” ROI via your recaps!

Wish Upon a Star | Drama Korean

I did the right thing, father, right? He also delivers a threat from Shim Deok that if he stays out here and calls that prostitute out one more time, she will move her alehouse to the island to keep an eye on him. You are commenting using your WordPress. But that sword business!! Normally I like the happy end, but this was very naive. The second pair could not belong to Yonghe.