The latter had a tighter plot and better story line, but in overall enjoyment I prefer the mindless SaSA. Log in with Email. Did you go back and check? You guys made watching this drama more enjoyable than ever. Kim Yong Hee Supporting Cast. So it was really Seung-hyun arrives, bringing Ae-ra back to the present. JW and AR are one of my favorite couples in kdramaland of all times and it’s largely thanks to the actors.

I tell you there was only one k-drama where I liked the second lead female and that was secret garden. This couple is so good looking! I found their characters to be very interesting and could have been so much more complex. Your email address will not be published. She is super beautiful, as the wedding pics at the end attest; as did the flash back of her being Exam Town Madonna. As for the sister YJ, I’ve always had a feeling she was going to go down the road she did. Their first disastrous one is put to rest and they move on.

Aren’t they always like that though? Later, Jung-woo visits President Kook in the hospital. Both of you did a tremendous job playing your roles Thanks for the recaps and congrats on completing this series. His character deserved so much more than just being the annoying love triangle 3rd party.

I’ve only seen him in Good Doctor but I am not excited to see him in another drama. I really like her, but I feel that quite 1 few of her previous dramas have let her talent go to waste, so it’s great she finally had a good vehicle with Sly and Single Again.

That night, Ae-ra considers a number of messages to send to Jung-woo, all of which express encouragement or concern. A verification email has been sent dpisode your new email address.

Lots of praise for our leading man, so I will sinle in here a salutation for the leading lady, Lee Min-Jung. I really wanted them to end up together in the beginning.

Those wedding pictures at the end took my breath away!!! Hwang Bo Ra Supporting Cast.


SINOPSIS Cunning Single Lady Episode 1 – 16 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Min Jung and Sang Wook. Although it would have been nice and endearing to have that one perfect character I expected Puppy to be it but then again, that’s life yknow, no one is perfect. It was the first drama I found myself rooting for every one at simopsis point. For the Team Sinlpsis, she supports them and tells them to enjoy it while they have it. I enjoyed reading your stuff cunnimg hope to see you both again recapping more dramas.

Ae-ra and Seung-hyun head out for a quiet talk in the park. It’s so gratifying to see LMJ’s transformation towards maturity without losing that her signature spunkiness and bubbly presence. First, thanks to purplecow and odilettante for the recaps! She has her chin held high, but she can also admit and rectify her mistakes.

More power to the writers and cast. At the family restaurant, Min-young keeps her new mother and father-in-law well-supplied with refreshments while they work. I dont know if the writer intended this but the name of the drama worked really well for me. Oh, and coincidentally, I’m also a Nikki. Amell April 28, at Their chemistry was off the charts and it was the same in their BTS interactions and sinopzis in the cast wrap up party.

Oh Na Mi Supporting Cast. Her emotional confrontation with her father and her breakdown at the hospital was an amazing feat of performance, kudos to the lafy.

Also shows that AR didn’t just take notice of JW because of her mother either.

In the end, all the drama with Yeo Jin didn’t mean much in the end so I would have preferred stories like on Min Young, Manager Kang’s family, etc. But it dealt with the issue of divorce in a way that seemed realistic, without losing any of the humor, sweetness, or playfulness that first drew me in.

The final two episodes were not aired as originally scheduled due to media coverage on the sinking of the MV Sewol. He leaves her on the stairs for a second, when he sees that the wind has scattered the rose petals which had been laid out in the shape of a heart on the lawn. I really hope he does more rom coms in the future.


drama yess: Sinopsis Lengkap A Gentleman’s Dignity episode (Final)

At the beginning of the series Ae Ra was portrayed as if she was so cunning that she approached him just after her mum told her to look at him. His character there was cool and straight-laced thawing a little at the end. Retrieved February 21, I oady that unfortunate haircut, but more importantly, the insecure but lovable dork underneath it. Mrmz April 29, at 8: Despite his age and upbringing, he displayed an understanding and wisdom to him that was so commendable, especially after Ae Ra’s painful rejection of him.


Episode 16

She carried this drama from scene to scene and past all the annoying side-plots with charisma and flair, right up to the last shot in front of the rice shop. Retrieved from ” https: This was the first drama of hers that I’ve seen, and I won’t be forgetting that expressive sideways smile of hers any time soon.

I think it’s the only drama where I couldn’t care less about the time jump coz it was sooo worth the wait. After secretly suffering a miscarriage from the stress of being the episoode breadwinner and living in poverty, Ae-ra divorces Jung-woo sniopsis four years of marriage.

Dissenter April 28, at 1: She says that everything is up to the CEO now, and pulls out her tarot epsiode. I for one am very happy that Song Hee did not follow the team over to JW’s new startup.

It was just really amusing to watch JW not fall for her BS even slightly.