But you take a risk when you adapt a show to be so different from the original, especially when the original is so good. AKA, actually killed Habaek. He really suits his character as Lord Habaek. I thought this was one of the strongest story point of the last episode. And also for me. I am on So-ah this one has to do with the tropes used; I found it hard to buy ‘strong and independent’ other than people telling me that’s what she was, and it’s nothing to do with SSK as I enjoyed her in other dramas.

I find it pretty Despite my expectations, this finale actually turned out pretty well. The episode was definitely one of the better ones of the series. He swam down and grabbed her by the waist, pushing her towards the surface. It’s not that things weren’t done well–it’s that while some things were done well earlier, other things were done I have alot of things to say about this series and the fact that it was just a huge let down for me. This is the first time were I felt that I wasted 16 hours of my life.

The ending is not that great but this drama showed no matter who you are ,love will find you,no matter you already are heartbroken you will still find love,love has no boundries,love has no condition.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do: Sinopsis High Society Korean Drama END

Hence, viewing this show was at times a bit of an exercise for me! And strike three–I could not get on the main ship.

But he doesn’t enlist until September. It had such great potential too. I just wonder if Drama Lords are ready yet to give him a leading role or if he is trapped in the eternal second lead dungeon.

She hesitates, so Joo-dong tells her that this is her chance to be happy for the rest of her life. He says that his new mission was to discover the reason for hiding the divine stones in the human world.


At least show a real conflict for Habaek and Soah, why they are the star-crossed lover. It doesn’t really make sense in-story, and I don’t think contrasting So-ah to Nak-bin mattered because Nak-bin never mattered except as the reason why Bi-ryum was so darn cheesed off with Ha-baek and Hu-ye.

SINOPSIS Sweet Dreams Episode 1 – 48 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Something is up, because the wife hustles So-ah away, leaving Ha-baek with the artist. Does Habaek really can just stay in human world easily like this?

I still have no idea why that was part of the drama, but it was super cute and I sionpsis have liked to see more of it. Taeyang Group adalah konglomerat terbesar di Korea Selatan. So much of the backstory was just told to us, when I would much rather have seen it play out.

Newer Post Older Post Home. That’s why her hair looked so shabby for a bride. Other times, it just does it by trying to clumsily convince me it made a different promise altogether, or just outright breaks the promise. You can go back and become rbide good king after I die.

The beginning was fine, with HB trying to figure out how to get his powers, the stones, etc. Never watched the actors in any other shows before, but I find that they portray the characters very well. The only good thing about this show was Im Joohwan and Krystal’s fashion.

Adalah Na Doo-rim yang memiliki kemiripan dengan Yi-kyung yang diminta bersandiwara dan untuk menggantikan posisi Yi-Kyung. Except that while it was sad, it sort of came out of nowhere. Kaoren August 23, at 7: She says that Ha-baek is planning to use his sinlpsis burst of power to help So-ah, instead of using it to get himself bahian. And I also thought about it while I saw it. The writer threw us a curve ball by purposely mixing up the timing of that fateful night.


Til the next drama to dissect and play drinking games on. They turn to see all of their friends there, and Namsuri giggles that So-ah has come up with a solution to their problem. This drama had its ups and downs, I loved it after episode 4 up til maybe 12, and after that, they kept going in circles until it finally ended.

She tells Ha-baek that in this portrait, his face will remain more vivid than in photographs.

Sinopsis Drama Bride of The Century Episode 1-16 (Tamat)

I’ve never had a positive memory of SSK’s acting, but I’m glad to say that she did sell the scene for me. Haha I’m sure that’s what happened 0. Are you kidding me!! I agree with every single word you said.

Although I did wonder, its a dead body, why did they have to retrieve his body?

What I didn’t like- I don’t fancy amnesia on the writers part. He begs her to give him a chance to grant her a wish as a god, and to let him keep his promise to protect her. I saw a drape-y dress the other day and thought, oh that’s a real MuRa dress! Her clothes were to die for!!! I gained a new likeable actress in Shin Se-kyung. Sadly, I think I built up too much in my head that the finale seemed flat.

Dunno, it seems like such an easy, unsatisfying ending. The drama in which almost nothing happened. Now, the things that crossed my mind as I invested 16 hours of my life into this drama; [1] That ending.