The first one, featuring the character Keigo Atobe voiced by Junichi Suwabe reached 14 on the Oricon charts. Tezuka has been thinking about his choice for the Invitational Team and has come to a rather very difficult decision. Inui introduces a new health drink, Penal-Tea Word Play of ‘Penalty’ and ‘Tea’ to club members who fail to do laps under 1 minute. That promise is about to be in danger of being broken. Although Ryoma is playing fairly well, Inui can foresee all of his movements after collecting precise data, leaving the Seigaku freshman in a muddle. Captain Tezuka and Inui introduce a new way to train. How far do Yukimura’s abilities extend to?!

This motion is called Seal Step, and it looks as if he has a doppelganger. They challenge court 2 in a heated match. Tezuka against Momoshiro, Kaidoh against Kawamura and a duel between the two members of the golden pair. Once Fuji starts playing his hardest, Tezuka starts to get pushed back. They continuously make the mistake of leaving the other side empty, and although extremely strong players, it looks like Momoshiro and Ryoma might just lose this doubles match CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. I completely agree, Yuuki. He always makes me smile when he starts mocking everyone.

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Inui’s eye is revealed for the first time! This is a self-contained story telling the growth of Shintenhouji’s tennis club. Baker orders the Griffey Brothers to lose their match on purpose, however, after witnessing how determined and earnest Kikumaru is, they remember how fun tennis is and end up winning the match.

Meanwhile, Tokugawa takes Ryoma to the court for a practice where he reveals his past and how he wants to beat No. However, when they reach him, Nanjiroh declares that he will only answer any questions if Inoue can get one point past him in a match. Well, actually the scene a few minutes later, xeason all the Sexson stuff, rjkkaidai also the beginning of it.


Hoverer, though he succeeds in returning it, he hurts his wrist in the process, forcing Seigaku to lose the match. He wants to challenge Ryoma to aim higher, beyond just wanting to beat his father.

A “bear” intrudes upon the training camp, and it’s up to the regulars to defeat swigaku and save the hostages. Fuji uses his Fourth Counter: It’s perfectly fine — until they learn the street court is used for doubles only. Kintarou and Tokugawa vs.

The Team composed of the best players are selected! The team vows to exact revenge and win. He then continues and puts his heart and soul into his final shot, what he calls the ‘Final Hadoukyuu’, rikkakdai is stronger than Gin’s Hadoukyuu styles.

Inui introduces a new health drink, Penal-Tea Word Play of ‘Penalty’ and ‘Tea’ to club members who fail to do laps under 1 minute.

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Ryoma couldn’t think well because of the US Open, and the Nationals are coming near. In the end, Ryoma wins the match. He loses to Rikkai’s Big Three, but he vows to beat them.

Ryoma challenges seeason to a game but the unknown rep shows up and reveals himself as Echizen Ryoga, Ryoma’s brother, who of course, Ryoma doesn’t remember. However, their opponents Matsudaira and Miyako taunt Akaya in an attempt to provoke him and force him into devil mode.

Momoshiro refused to forfeit but lost in the end, 6—0. The history of how they became partners and friends as kids is also shown. Ryoma ends up playing a match with a lady that turns out to be Tezuka’s trainer. Fuwa demonstrates his skills, despite his lack of vision, but 2ne shows no signs of giving up.


Tezuka’s arm begins to feel the effects as well as Sanada’s legs from constantly hitting the Lightning. The Black Jerseys are now promoted to court 2. The game begins with nothing unusual.

This match, which lasts until episodetruly awakens Fuji’s full potential as a tennis player. It sounds way better than in Dream Live ! To do so, he challenges Momoshiro to a match, winning 6—3. Kite, moved, resides with Marui restating he sides with the strong. However, with only three singles spots and two already verified for Fuji and Tezuka, they learn that only one of them can earn the spot.

Karupin’s toy got slipped into Ryoma’s tennis bag so Karupin followed Ryoma to his school. Yambuki’s Taichi Dan makes a surprise appearance during Seigaku’s tennis club practice. However, they do not complete the match because Sasabe’s father pulls a muscle as a result of not stretching first.

It’s getting tense because Ryoma, Momoshiro and Kaidoh all belong to the same block. Eventually, the two make up and play a friendly match. The pair is now cooperating and Sanada introduces Black Aura.

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He declines the US Open offer to Ryuzaki-sensei but many of seaso Seigaku club members thinks he should take the one in a lifetime chance.

Ryoma ends up facing Sasabe’s father, the Golder Retriever. They were forced to set aside their rikkaidal to win or else they would have to leave Seigaku. Also, Kirihara claims he has changed, but can he prove it? A flashback to when Kirihara first joins Rikkadai and challenges the last years winning regulars of the national tournament so that he can become number one.