Oska has already proven himself not to be the brightest bulb. He thanks Chae-ri for coming forward about the songwriter selling her that same song, and brushes off questions about a scandal with her. I wish I can see BTS about that scene , I bet they had to shoot many times becoz they won’t be able to stop laughing. Back in their own bodies, Joo-won collapses in the elevator, gasping for breath. Where’s that Kick-ass stuntwoman? Kim Sung Oh Supporting Cast. GF, thanks for the recap!

Why are women like that? Because the body swapping is the selling point, wouldn’t you think that the reverse body swap is temporary and that they just might end up swapping bodies again. But with the body swapping Maybe they just didn’t recognize each other. I am not a fan of Ha Ji Won but I really liked her in this series. To be honest, I was starting to miss them. If this was the only body swap then I would be greatly disappointed! I really hope this is explained in the next episode.

In some cases, it’s better to forget right. Thanks for the wonderful recap, Girlfriday.

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BUT, I kinda trust the writers not to do anything that stupid. Is the story itself any good?

Because otherwise there is no meaning behind the episoed events. And of course, many thanks to GF and JB for all your efforts helping us understand the subtleties here! I’m loving this drama.

Secret Garden [+ Lunar Special]

To be honest, I was starting to miss them. He had me from the second he went OMO! So I then wiki-ed the novel to be reminded of the plot because I swore that the story was about an isolated boy No, I’m still happy here in SG land. I do not want TS to get any more hurt. As Joo-won promised, five minutes was all he needed to see, but he leaves with zero indication of interest. I make sure that they are in 1 folder and I have downloaded a software for the subs to work.


Since it IS Ra-Im who is really going to suffer in jail just in a different bodythe mystical powers trying to keep her from suffering made it happen so that they switch back and Joo-Won will be the one to suffer Yoo In Na Supporting Cast.

Totally with you on the elevator scene. Nothing wrong with what he said but the way he said it Would that be the word?

And the date makes sense to me now. I like your take on the lil mermaid bubbles ending barden JooWon’s perspective. Hahaha, it really IS the tracksuit that would not die. Josina January 3, at 2: Thank you so much for the episde. And JW gets some credit for changing his ideal woman body type but he has to spoil it again by harping on RI’s “dark skin”. I guess in this drama it seemed particularly out of character to me – even more so because the one advantage of the body switch is supposed to be the fact that JW speaks much better English than RI, and Seul’s OMG English was ridiculed in earlier episodes.

I am so glad that I am not the eodrama one that ws thinking that they are not really utilising the mystical aspects to its full potential, I was actually disapointed with the way they did the switch in the first place, we do need something to convince us that this is ‘real’, credible and so far that aspect swcret the drama is not working for me, like girlfirday I think that it is all haphazzard at the moment We find out about JW’s accident and RI’s father’s cause of death but thats it.


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Mary Mary Mary December 6, at 4: I think at least some version of what you described above will happen in the remaining episodes. The tracksuit convo was so funny! Those are not their typical behavior, and I missed them. He is so sweet.

I suppose the series was originally meant to be 16 episodes, not I think they eepdrama swapped back cos Ra-Im’s dad doesn’t want her girl to suffer in jail?? I think you might be right He realizes that the things he remembers—the fun, happy times, are all conveniently happy memories from his perspective alone.

Well, four more episodes to go.