Write for further details and application forms to: Resolu- tion Is dots per inch, giving each character a matrix of 30 x 30, which gives quality as good as a carbon ribbon typewriter but not as good as photocom- position. So, while the government is to be congratulated on at least cinching up with one aspect of the modern world. Operating the latest IBM equipment, our client pursues a policy of internal promotion thus at lordmg successful candidates a progressive career path. It will use the package lo deve- lop applications cnnipatihU- across IBM anil Siemens hardware running under a variety of operating systems. Ourclienl will pay full relocation expenses for you and your family and provide a generous resettlement advance in addition to meeting the costs of temporary accommodation pending location of permanent housing. As priming can be either “purl rail” or “landscape” it is prau leal I fur DP applications, providing up in Kill characters across the page. Two different stead of screaming for more Assembler language programs programmers S of about statements In Has it occurred to you vet length were written.

Protore nca win be given 10 appl. On reflection, however, lie conceded that GEC might be too big for Racal to swallow. The work will involve the writing of pro- grams end provision ol program assistance for computer users throughout the University- The post might suit e recent graduate in Computer Science, or in a related subject. You complete and post the coupon Mow We send you a confidential applii aimn hum which you fill in at your leisure aiul ivtuin to us We’ll then compare your skills. When we talk about success we refer to fuels like our commercial systems ami programming department having expanded I rom 17 to 35 within the last year. Systems and Data base designers:

Systems Industries Introduced u revolutionary new ink-jet printer — presumably for those who fly Concorde, nnd BASF an Interesting range in floppy equipment together with their scenf vaunted calendar. I discussed these points in more detail in a previous article CW, January 22, And despite society’s headlong rush into what may eventually be a global Dark Age, Asimov offers a key to escape. Additionally, there is an all expenses paid company car.

On-line experience is desirable. Alternatively, because these terminals use microprocessors they can be intelligent ter- minals, or with expanded memory become complete stand-alone systems. According to Carl Kell, pre- sident of the Information Bank, purl or all nf the main NYT bank will bo put up on a machine on Euronet within the nexi six months, making it available to European users much more cheaply than at present.


This limans ihut the con- tin! And what about the buyer who switches from a smile to a frown?

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Please wnte or telephone: Savoy Plato, London WC2. BQ2 nainu to C4. Applicants should have a background in computer systems and programming with the personality and ability to handle negotiations with clients. MIVf ; ll illll. An analyst may be involved in feasibility studies, investigating the present system, designing a new system, specifying and tes- ting programs or systems, implementing a new application or carrying out an audit on a system that has been operating ‘for some time.

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City university London and Linkbping, and has been chairman of the East -Anglian sub-centre of the Institution of Elertricnl Verson, and a member of the council of the institution. Micro factory HE Wlrrnl and Cumin u. Operating the latest IBM equipment, our client pursues a policy of internal promotion thus at lordmg successful candidates a progressive career verxion.

It will have its expertises and its shortcomings, since we have our expertises and our short- comings. As a result, Share late in reversed gbz earlier decision and looked once more at Fortran. Spy Mahon, from ihu KKC who unicl that there icclinicul difficulties thut ‘ probably lust two yours. January 9, ‘ Alan Shepherd, of Ferranti Electronics, for example, said that the programme was excel- lent.

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It requires a proven background of successful selling within tho mini market, preferably in an industrial environment. OO C87Q 00 r Finally, there is no compile-time or run-lime system to prow the asserted Invariance. Vrrsion should liave undertaken feasibility studies and been involved in defining user department requirements. He exhorted rtie fund managers present to bring pressure on companies in which they had shares like Decca and Plessey to take part in a grand reorganisation, and once again put himself and Racal group management forward as the catalyst.

Csndidntos ntusi be familiar with Communication Softwaie and protocol and have a lull understanding of Post Offico requirements. But they would be a small fraction of the human species. Candidates should hnvn uxporienco ol those languages and I.

I certainly would have, measurable. Where the supplier has appropriate communications equipment, the system can place orders directly with the sup- plier’s computer. He also pointed to lie job gains hat were available — lastly in jobs actually making micioeleclronics, where the NI’.


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Salary ‘levels and the. This is capable of con- trolling line widths to wilhin 0. As a dumb terminal all it will do is recognise a pre-determined vocabulary, display the input for verification, convert It to the pre-determined coded output. There Is tremendous potential for using the micro for the real time control of certain actions of the car.

A suitable nandiate could now be working as a systems analyst, nn analyst programmer, a consultant or as a DPM at a small installation. It is often the cage that the line printers used by these com- panies already produce In OCR-fount style. Manchester m, of changes, together program and Human communications in systems analysis, including the human factors in systems ana- lysis and design, commimicatioii skills, tact finding methods, social impact and general sys- tems studies.

In addition to monitoring stock levels, it con- trols and records the issue of parts, generating purchase orders automatically when stocks are about to run out. Operable with any language, the system is applicable both to the evaluation of existing operational programs and to monitoring the efficiency of programs being developed.

A part of the public money will be also used to try to recon- struct an Industrial versuon in magnetic peripherals and time- sharing networks. It was then noticed that the ended ring which controls the format- ting had become wurn and that two small holes had been pinn ed through it by the mailing brushes.

As part of our continuing growth, we need the following people: Several studies will be started by the Ministries of Labour, Industry, and others. Cahiptete ‘ System aval Inble from major leasing company oUher by outright purchase, lease nr rental terms. There would be a government files, not private. But the emergency imports ds Is the result of US pressure on the Japanese government to even up the balance of trade between Japan and the US. Applicants mnage liave at least four years experience in data pmcessing with the majority of that spent in the design and implementation of commercial applications.