When Sanjay forgets to take out the garbage, a trip to the dump turns into a journey of galactic proportions. Sanjay takes credit on Craig’s invention and Craig goes to top him off with another invention. When the boys come across an underground convenience store known as “Eezy P-Eezy,” they soon meet Chill Bill, an electric bass player. The boys sneak into Noodman’s family reunion to sample a new Frycade wing recipe. Get to Know Us. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas Alias: The girls meet by chance during a bizarre adventure and become roommates, then start a babysitting business to earn extra money.

List of Sanjay and Craig episodes. She also starred in the short-lived Fox comedy Happy Hour. However, Darlene and Vijay want Belle to see a video. Metcalf, Mitch July 28, Sanjay and Craig become party animals when they hang out with an old robot invented by Vijay, but chaos ensues when the Partybot goes insane. Premise The series follows two friends from the fictional California town of Pacific Bluffs. Retrieved 5 November

Your review will be posted soon. The kids host an overnight Tufflips movie marathon in order to save a reptile refuge, but have trouble staying awake during it.

Retrieved January 25, Craig soon starts hanging out with Chill Bill, making Sanjay jealous. Sanjay and Craig find craiy way to hypnotize Darlene and Vijay.

Kondolojy, Amanda April 22, This episode first aired on April 8, in Greece. Miracle Workers will consist of seven episodes.


The show is Catdog and they choose to rip off The Island where they get stuck on a “island” in the middle of the highway.

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A preview of the series, marketed as a “sneak beak”, aired on February 17, Pucci, Douglas October 12, Sanjay and Craig love the awesome conquistador statue their grandmother gives them—until it appears to take on a mind of its own. This episode first aired on June 25, in Latin America.

On September 12,Sanjay and Craig was renewed for a second season by Nickelodeon and began airing July 12, This episode first aired on April 25, in Germany and Poland. Before the second season was completed, Nickelodeon cancelled the series, leaving several episodes unfinished. Member feedback about Inside Edge TV series: A Fairly OddParents Movie: Over episodes have aired since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered inwith the th episode being the final episode of the 25th season, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, which premiered on December 1, He graduated from Leon High School in Sanjay is accidentally bitten and envenomed by Craig.

The Dicksons’ band is transformed by a music agent for the worse, and it’s Sanjay and Craig’s fault. Plot At the headquarters sanjy Nugenics Technology, researcher Dr.

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Concept and creation Tom McGrath explained in an interview that the intention of Madagascar was not to take a political stance on whether “zoos are bad and the wild is better, or that the wild is bad,” but to show “the most extreme ‘fish out of water’ story that [they] could do”.


Member feedback about List of Halloween television specials: The gang go to the Tufflips camp. Retrieved February 12, Member feedback about List of Breadwinners episodes: Craig gets obsessed with pizza. Retrieved November 23, The kids are convinced that there is a universe in an old milkshake cup.

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The girls meet by chance during a bizarre adventure and become roommates, then start a babysitting business to earn extra money. After finding out that seniors get free wings at the Frycade, Sanjay and Craig disguise themselves as seniors. Pucci, Douglas July 20, Megan sajnay Chido and forms a band with her called “Character Select”, but struggles to keep their episide and band a secret.

The series premiered on May 25, Sanjay and Craig try to find something Barfy’s new baby is good at.