Pretty much as good as this, if not for the production. For peak episode highest rated single-episode rating, Sandglass is 3 see below. The death of dreams. After a brief flirtation with the straight-and-narrow, he realizes that all normal avenues of advancement are closed and he becomes a gangster. Oh, he wants the subpoena by the next morning. He tells Chang that his logic is flawed. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. The Sandglass The Hourglass is a portrayal of two young men who are best friends and grow up during one of Korea’s politically tumultuous periods, the ‘s up to the ‘s.

Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. They didn’t hold back on showing the gritty details of Korea’s history. I too severely dislike her although I tried not to write her off for a long time. The horrific scenes based on true accounts, of those people being murdered, touched off a deep sense of shock and grief for the Koreans at that time the mid 90’s Korea still had not come to terms with what happened after governments muzzled the free speech. I wonder about those ratings, because Wiki says something different: The times, the mindset, the spirit moving the people who made it all of that is important. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Park Tae-soo Choi Min-soo , tough and loyal, grows up to become a gangster.

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Of course, if you are familiar with the history, the story might be more poignent if you know how it mirrors life then. Luckily, the head DA is not phased by the feeble attempt to blackmail them. Not once but twice. Who says that television must be mindless?

This was exactly how the show was originally broadcast in Sunshine TV Series It would be great if they remake bad and ehding popular dramas and make them better. I agree, I was being rude. I’ve been dying to find an online source with Sandglass subtitled in English for years.

You can probably say that Moreshigae was the turning point for the young budding democracy in Korea. Posted April 7, Jahyethank you very much for the download links for this drama. The song actually mourns saneglass Soviet soldiers killed while defending their homeland and who later became cranes. Thursday, 4 August If I understand correctly. You sound so rude not only downgrading Song Jina work sandglwss calling out the PD who already died in peace O,O Sure call all Song Jina’s work aside Sandglass is flop or whatever you want to call it for, tbh, but really what’s wrong with sequel, it can be come from Song Jina or the broadcast channel, but let’s blame Song Jina only O,O.


You sound so rude not only downgrading Song Jina work but calling out the PD who already died in emding O,O Sure call all Song Jina’s work aside Sandglass is flop or whatever you want to call it for, tbh, but really what’s wrong with sequel, it can be come from Song Jina or the broadcast channel, but let’s blame Song Jina only O,O Hope the drama will turn out better so you can take your word Sun-young is already there and soon Chang and Reporter Shin arrive too.

To be honest, I’d prefer Vrama backstory. Since you pointed out that their data is incorrect, I will edit that post. Today, the internet plays a part in a sandglaxs success unlike the times where its success relied mainly on tv broadcast.

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She does have an idea where they may be able to get more information though, and she invites Sun-young to come with her to see Yoon Hye-rin. But with the internet you have a lot more people aware of the shows. Reporter Shin gets Hye-rin and Sun-young involved. The golden age of television is long gone. You will receive a link to create a new password dram email.

Eyes of Dawn has a pretty good argument for the best drama of all time, and Sandglass is definitely in sandglsss top of all time.

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He seems sad though. As they walk into the lines of total darkness and redemption, they have to stay with the choices they make.


My list of top ten k-dramas Top Sadly, there may never be a drama like Sandglass again, or at least within the next decade. With the internet not as many people watch live TV.

Sandglass proves this, for audiences gobbled it up and long afterward viewers such as myself continue to be amazed and astounded by its sheer audacious, uncompromising quality. But it is all done so well and with so much integrity, it is just a joy and rdama to behold. Episode 2 Recap Sandglass: In the process, they all turn to monsters they used to hate.

Lawyer Min confirms delivering bribes to Mr.

They’re easy for me to ignore. She recognizes Hye-rin from the time Hye-rin visited the boarding house when Woo-suk was a tenant there. Epic, drama, romance, action, crime Episodes: Hopefully they find a solid and talented trio for the leads.

Hye-rin is introduced to Tae-soo via Woo-suk and they fall in love.

I read on Mr. This political-action melodrama catapulted the careers of then-budding actors Choi Min-soo JackpotGo Hyun-jung Dear Dtama Friendsand Park Sang-won My Daughter Geum Sa-wolHealerwho played out a powerful story of youthful friends growing up into political enemies: It was like you know they lived those turbulent times as they walk out all jaded and hardened. In the end he receives a four-year sentence which seems light to me sandvlass, but the citizens seem to be appeased.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sandglass is the story of two men whose friendship is put to the test through the s and s, one of Korea’s politically tumultuous periods.

Episode 5 by TeriYaki.