As you can see, things are quite different here. Invites for members are currently suspended. Originally Posted by silverstreak I have a good mind to start up a lecture on this. They have “invite lotteries” every few months where high-ranking users can bid their bonus points on invites for their friends, but don’t count on getting in this way. The only problem is that ratio thingy: Some of the most forward-thinking trackers do away with ratio altogether, though keeping seedpoints as the sole currency of their site.

The only problem is that ratio thingy: Ratioless and high-level trackers. From now on, it is assumed that you are familiar with most top trackers in their respective niche; if you aren’t, please consult the flowchart everyone’s been passing around these days. January 2nd, , BakaBT — The no. Originally posted by droplets View Post.

Best Ratioless Tracker?

January 2nd, 6. January 2nd, 1.

By error in forum File Sharing and Torrents. June 11th, And the need for a seedbox and resources increase dramatically. And can there really be an ‘ultimate’ tracker for everything?

And as silver said, there aint any competition, It doesn’t matter to me if I get any movie a week later or so!! I’d also recommend being on SCC, as while SCC is not ratioless, all packs are freeleech, so you can often find good movies in there you don’t need to grab the whole gb torrent.


If you are looking for movies, dont forget about PTN. I assume most of you have IPT, FL, etc because you can’t find on one that which you can find on the other. Originally Posted by Joker.

Silver explains it all, and I completely agree with the statements above! Torrentleech – I just seed in there Its all the same. BakaBT — The no.

These are neither soft or hard economies as the economic levers are created by and adjusted solely at the discretion of the respective tracker.

Otherwise, its no different from PTM. I’ve mostly overcome that side of things, but it is always tempting to go for that next ‘grass-is-greener’ tracker.

January 2nd, 5.

You won’t have any problem there as long as you seed. This does not mean that you will be disabled, but staff will be less lenient with you if you break the rules in the future.

January 2nd, What you need is what you’ll get.


Dpunk Commander Join Date: This game we call life is hard for most players, that’s why people like me are born, to ensure the players of weak will NOT be defeated! June 13th, The recruiter won’t make you prove that you actually have access to the OverDrive you say you have, but it’s in your best interest to gatioless a source of retail ebooks because you pretty much have to upload to survive on Bibliotik.


If not, then no in Then a general tracker should suit you. June 14th, Read it all so you don’t get caught unawares on some autistic peculiarity. Ratioless and high-level trackers.

SceneLinks – New ratioless tracker with open signup ~ InsideBT

They have the biggest FL section I’ve seen on any tracker here’s one random screenshot of their HD section swiftdestiny edit: On the other hand, since nearly everyone is as tight on ratio as you are, everyone will be permaseeding everything and torrents will have an excellent retention. Even thought you would be a professional wizard, it’s almost impossible to get into.

It’s unfair, it traccker.

I heard about beyondHD who is it? Right here, Right now. I would recommend you to try filelist. Invites for members are currently suspended. I can’t ignore it, nice collections 4.