She hides, which means one of two things: Affiliate Links Note that any page on this website May contain links to pages where I will receive a commission for providing an opportunity for you to buy something you enjoy like a DVD or a pair of glasses whatever the case may be. At no point do the writers or producers indicate they think this relationship is morally wrong. He is a cutie but again he needs more hobbies though he is handy for when the liars have wittle booboos. There are pillows, sleeping bags, blankets and the like. Email required Address never made public. They squat while they wait to see what will happen next. On this blog you will find recaps with my own titles as well as my own made up words.

Noel goes off to practice then Nate decides to confront Jenna. Oh yes it was all a device for us to see Dr. Nate confesses to having wanted to kiss Em for a while. And yet when the girls express this and it doesn’t happen just once or twice , it’s never with regret for their actions, but only with longing for that missing element in their lives. Moving on, Zach and Mama Ella are having a romantic lunch in her classroom. It is apparent he has little experience with bagels when he mistakes a jalapeno one for cranberry, LOL, poor little rich boy right? And I love pretty-looking trash. Nate looks through the contents, recognizes an article of clothing and starts crying.

It looks as though they are coming form Yoga. So many unanswered questions because according to the time on the video its only been four minutes since the video began.

Aria clears her throat and in true teenage fashion they break apart.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. And she goes on nailing him, to keep him sweet on the deal, while he walks around in front of her daughter in a towel.

Did he grill those preyty in his backyard? Learn how your comment data is processed. She hides, which means one of two things: Copright Notice This site is litle by France A. Last scene, we see A or hoodie person going through a group of like hoodies.


Creepy Ian “dies” just like Orson Welles in The Strangerwhile Jenna spits out venom about careless people who break things and don’t pay for them They squat while they wait to see what will happen next. Notify me of new posts via email.

Anywho, the time for the death of Maya was set between ten and two in the morning. Emily leaves, and he and Hanna begin talking. Email required Address never made public.

The filmmakers can say anything they want about intended audiences, but the marketing of Pretty Little Liars on cable and the net is wide and jnky.

Pretty Little Liars: The Complete First Season : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video

Previous episode recap, in characters: And when the mysterious “A” wants to humiliate Hanna in exchange for returning Mommy’s stolen loot, she makes the former fatty eat a box of cupcakes That’s the kind of stuff that makes Pretty Little Liars a total hoot; indeed, it’s too bad that too often, the filmmakers and writers recede jnky to their “socially conscious” crap about teens and their various sufferings, instead of plowing full steam ahead into baseness like the above mentioned.

Then, out of eoisode, she gets an e-mail. Teen life in Pretty Little Liars consists of gossiping on a cosmic level they’re always on their phoneswith the common school rumors of minor indiscretions at parties most kids know about, blown up epsode a huge conspiracy with life and death ramifications here. The anamorphically enhanced, 1. And then they hear something.

They know exactly who they’re aiming for here. Now, the filmmakers may skate out of this dilemma by protesting, “We never show them actually having sex,” but that would be a ludicrous defense because She hides, which means one of two things:.

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: Emily and Nate Kiss!

I do however believe that the note flying in the window would have had the same effect. Some of the young performers here are quite good Ashley Benson seems to get the joke, and she moves well through her character’s arcbut frankly, who cares, as long as the ridiculousness continues to pile up.

There are pillows, sleeping bags, blankets and the like. He does clear the room after the introductions. Emily episoce and they go through the pictures Hanna has printed from the website. The note never made it to Emily, obviously, but it says to meet her somewhere. They keep digging through the bag, looking for more clues, and then:.


Looking closely at Pretty Little Liarsa lot of litgle messages are totally screwed, including the central notion that the girls actually miss a creature like Alison because she made them feel “special,” that they were a part of something bigger than their lives She only feels good at the times she gets what she thinks she wants in this case is Em. And I love pretty-looking trash.

PLL – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap It’s All About Maya

The Dolby Digital English Surround 5. So back on track, Aria walks in the room as Zach kisses Ella oh so sweetly. Yeah I got nothing!! Spencer is slower at watching videos then at writing papers. Ssason still have a hard time watching these two together. I would have totally checked on him by now. Aria and Zach bond over the Clash and having divorced parents, yahoo.

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Ella lets her know that she is fine kissing a few frogs to get to her prince LOL. She in my eyes, is on an emotional roller coaster, I guess some of that epsiode from being in high school LOL. The brainiac of the group, Spencer Hastings Troian Bellisariogets her fair share of high-pressure expectations from her seawon family, as well, while dodging the hateful barbs from her shallow, bitchy sister, Melissa Torrey DeVitto. Why would he send this?

Wren likes Hanna or is pretending to like her to keep an eye on her. This is the worst.