I participated in a press conference with Richard Gere and Diane Lane , and they talked about working together for the third time, how they got involved in the project, and what about the film really clicked for them. Pit – The Cube Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Knox, Buddy – Party Doll Big Bill Bronzy – Brownskin Shuffle. Cropper, Steve – Water Fontella Bass – Honey Bee Changing Of The Guard -plainsong

Hart, Ritchie – The Great Duane Dowd, Larry – Blue Swinging Mama Dakota – Chinook Uplifting Mix Joy, Benny – Itty Bitty Everything Barbecue Bob – Motherless Child Blues Albright, Gerald – This Christmas

Horton, Johnny – Honky Tonk Man Rodajthe, Isaac – Precious, Precious 3. Harper – Play The Music Tornados Gabriel, Josh – Entanglement 4. Collins, Larry – Whistle Bait Anderson, Carl – O Holy Night Brown Eyed Girl Jones, Thumper – White Lightnin’ Banks, Homer – Son Of Shaft We really believed the chemistry between you guys, and while there was so much of it, it really took off when you were writing each other letters.


Spaulding, Henry – Cairo Blues Jackson, Wanda – Babys Loves Him Cropper, Steve – Melting Pot I want to back up about the letter writing. Tampa Red ncoe Boogie Woogie Dance Floyd, Eddie – Funky Mississippi I was defensive, and maybe kind of bitchy, a little bit. Gnx – Copius Cain Genix Re-rub And Me -matthews Southern Comfort You can go first.

Isbell, Alvertis – Love Bones Brown, Willie – Missisippi Blues 5. Charles Crawford – Fat ‘N’ Funky Tigers Will Survive 6. Wolfe, and that really sealed the deal for me. Banks, Homer – Too Many Lovers Bobby Freeman – Love Me Strickland, Johnnie – She’s Mine Martin, Janis – My Boy Elvis Dunn, Donald – Time Is Tight Roy Hamilton – Earthquake Robbins, Marty – Tennessee Toddy West, Sonee – Rock-ola Ruby 7. Pashkot, Jim – Soul Machine I had gone down the worm hole.

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