Tim Phillipps Hudson Walsh: Sonya Rebecchi Saskia Hampele Paul Robinson Ryan Moloney Paul shows interest in a painting offered by Naomi, until she refuses to let him have it authenticated and rudely bails on their dinner, only to wriggle in at Toadie’s while Sonya holds Chris’s mother’s hand as sponsor. Amber Turner Calen MacKenzie Tim Phillipps Mark Brennan: Sue Jones Tracey Wong: But Chris has decided that nothing can happen unless he breaks up with Hudson.

Sarah Roberts Mandy Edwards: Terence Donovan Pam Willis: She realises she’s interrupted something, but Toadie heads to bed. Emilia Burns Lassiters Staffer: But Chris has decided that nothing can happen unless he breaks up with Hudson. Visibly upset, Naomi walks back to the office. Rebecchi Law Naomi tells Toadie the whole story about her romance with Charles, and how Sheila told his wife Polly about their affair. We can’t have that now, can we?

My boss really cracks it when I’m late.

Tim Phillipps Nell Rebecchi: Matt Turner credit only Jenna Rosenow Erinsborough Hospital Amber turns up episde take Chris home from the hospital. Paul’s Penthouse Paul and Naomi drink champagne, and she comments on some of the artwork hanging on his walls.

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Lou Carpenter credit only Stefan Dennis Scott McGregor Tracey Wong: But Sonya thinks he still should have asked her permission, and tells him that Danni has already told the police about the profile. Sheila demands to know whether Naomi took the painting from neughbours ex – lover Charles, but Naomi storms off, saying it’s none of Sheila’s business.


Ashleigh Brewer Nell Rebecchi: Elizabeth PackettReg Watson creator. Naomi explains the wife turned a blind eye, while Charles sorted Naomi out with an apartment and they carried on as before.

Episode #1.6868

Kyle Canning credit neighours Colette Mann I went back to him. Tim Phillipps Kate Ramsay: Sonya Rebecchi Saskia Hampele Start your free trial. Visibly upset, Naomi walks back to the office. Sonya tells Georgia she thinks Danni is being used as bait to lure out Montague.

How could I, when I knew you’d judge me? David Whitely Josie Lamb: Sue Jones Daniel Robinson: Mark’s fake Danni-profile is drawing Stephen Montague to Erinsborough, as he expected but can’t prove, and Sonya complained to the police, who deleted it, so Mark barely still hopes for Kate’s presumed killer to turn up. I guess I’m just worried for you. As he leaves, Toadie comes in, and Naomi lies, saying Paul was here about Kate’s estate.

Chris Pappas Chris Milligan Terence Donovan Pam Willis: Chervil Tan Christina Simpson: She says she isn’t tempted to go back to Charles again. Paul hangs around to gloat about it, but unbeknownst to the men, Montague is watching them from over the fence.

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When Sheila finds it, Nomes tells her and Toadie that it was a gift from her married ex, whom she secretly returned to but dumped on account of his devotion to his kids. She’s upset because she’s discovered someone has set up an online profile in her name.


Tomorrow on Neighbours – Montague confronts Brennan, demanding to know where Danni is – Sheila tells Matt she saw Montague, and the RSRs begin to neghbours as Naomi and Callum are missing – Susan calls round to No 24, unaware that Montague and Brennan are facing off – Imogen calls round too, and Montague threatens to take episove hostage. Christian Heath Jayden Warley: He could have shot Kate. Polly threatened to e;isode the kids, so Charles had no choice but to stay with her.

Written by Emma J.

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Brad Willis credit only Rpisode Bonner And you just couldn’t wait to get down here to tell me, could you? Sheila Canning Josef Brown Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

Neighbours Epixode from – NeighboursEpisodes. James Harvy Jed Green: Joshua Willis credit only Matthew Werkmeister Sue Jones Tracey Wong: Naomi admits she felt she got caught in the middle of something when Sonya came in last night, but Toadie brushes it off, saying it’s just usual marital ups and downs.