Yay for Captain Obvious! When secondary characters are more likable than the mains. I will leave it at that. I have not forsaken my readers. They could unmask it and animate or add scenes. I enjoyed the episode, nothing outstanding but it wasn’t bad. View my complete profile.

Why their parents abandoned them I agree, it’s the best episode since episode 10 or so. Just a few problems folks. Yuki father did the thing that makes me hate him the most I am surprised that he was able to control his flight and some bad luck did not hit him for being a SOB towards Yuki. Thanks, person who gave me this on another site a long time ago, lol.

I have to admit she is cute but fun oh hell no. The site was pretty good. Black Rock Shooter episode 4: Yeah, what a jerk. Damn, I hated that scene when she got raped. This episode was fantastic, overall. She doesn’t have a life.

Why their parents abandoned them At first I thought there is a censorship about Yuki’s mom’s death and getting stabbed, but it is all the same in the manga! Father of the year! In thee end it was plain beautiful to see Ai run to stop Marco from killing himself in the spoiler really well done setup.

If Yuki betrays Yuno though I do see that 2 of those guys are naked so remains to see what exactly was covered there. The script of this anime just gets much stupid and worse with every episode passing.

Mirai Nikki episode 20 Guilty Crown episode Never actually read the manga. Nothing in this series can beat such a powerful gesture with those rings. That’s an opinion coming from a guy who loves the yandere stereotype. Maybe that will come later after Yuno takes out 8th and 11th. Shit’s going down next week. I know that the rape scene is supposed to be censored, but they didn’t need to censor the blood, violence and gore.


I really liked the flash back of Ai and Marco, i think it was nice to know more about them and the tragic pass they have,something we didnt see in the manga I hate hate hate that retarted dad of Yukiteru.

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So Ai deserves to be rapped because she doesn’t want to be friends with these bitches? An attempt to drill into our amimewaffles the notion of Yuki being the poor, unfortunate flower we must have sympathy for. Yes, she might be a nut-job who wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone, but inside, she’s a broken girl looking for someone to love her. I want to see that!

Everything can be overcome if you love your parents enough! He should just die. Behold I am alive! She is badass to be honest, I love psycho characters, not annoyingly psycho ones and the one that I agree the most, she is a bitch thank you. The ending was epizode Maybe Yuki’s Mom should have ignored him like she did the other times. Come to think of it, I really liked Seventh. But that is nice to know, nikkl there was more focus on Minene.

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I wonder why people keep treating 8th as normal, lol. She is just a crazy,annoying, heartless fool Who kills herself, I know I will not The one from the first world kills the one from second world Yeah The guy was pretty annoying crying all pages but that girl always needed to kill somebody for no apparent reasons Actually it’s for a whiner.


Yuno on the other hand was just insane. In the manga it was only stated that the parent gave up on them. Now that is true love,die together Eww, what is with Mirai Nikki and rape?

I need anime to watch, please?

A real couple trying to survive after some harsh things. Surely this is the best time to confront you.

Marco definitely said the truest animewadfles in this entire flipping anime. At the same time Marco when he was young was well adapted. She killed my favorite character too Akise and I like him not because he was gay I didn’t care about that. My predictions is that 8th might be ignored for now and I think the arc will direct to 11th since the only suspect that killed Yuki’s mom is his dad.

Hmmmmm, would be epiode if they showed some intercourse between them in adult age. Making sense is overrated I still find it hard to believe this but it really is true, there are bastard parents like that and they should have punishment for that.

I actually haven’t seen her do much terroristy things actually. Also beyond the beginning for me it was a good adaptation to the manga,it really give Marco and Ai a little justice they didnt give in the manga i animeewaffles like them both in the manga and seeing this part well adapted makes me happy