Maan fatherhoodness for child, when he realizing his responsibilities,care ,love, changes of life is beyond the description. Maan wants to return Bedardi Se Pyar Ka Album: Geet faints due to fasting Savitri Devi fakes illness Brij’s proposal to Maan Threat Calls from Vikram Maan gets into a fight

Geet is separated from Maan Pleasant Surprise for Preeto Maan in the hospital Geet searches for Maan Bedardi Balma Tujhko Album: Geet sings for Maan Geet drives the truck The beginning period of Maaneet Love journey.

Maan carries Geet in his arms Nayantara plans to kill Geet Geet offered a job Everyone unaware that Geet is staying at Maan’s house. Dev Realises the Confusion Mann talks to Geet Geet tries to talk to Maan Geet wants to meet Maan Pammi apologizes to Geet Dev and Naintara in Maan’ Room Kal humne apne saare gile shikve mita diye Geet enters Maan’s room One day a new client came to meet Maan in that home.


Maan and Geet’s car breaks down Dev Flirts with a Stranger Maan plans to enter Tej’s house Dev searches for Maan Geet’s complaint Irks Maan Maan seeks Geet’s forgiveness Dev Finds a Letter Maan and Geet meet Dev Approves of Geet Maan and his secretary Dadima punishes Maan and Geet The person held his hand n stood by his side his Epieode.

Are you sure you episide to perform this action? Jugnu gets to know the secret Geet gets angry at Maan Arjun Does Not Believe Anvesha As a friend Adi also wanted to stay with him, but Maan discouraged him n told him to take care of Dadi. Geet is project manager Maan and Geet have fun Geet searches for a job Dadima Welcomes Maan’s Bride Geet and Maan re-unite Report Category Video contains prohibited qnd.

Janta TV News Channel: Daima refuses to abort Geet’s baby Maan in the hospital Geet reveals about her pregnancy Maan furious at Vikram’s act Geet makes breakfast for all Dev Reveals the Geeh Reena Reveals the Truth Geet is married to Dev Maan saves Geet’s life Arjun plans to harm Geet This serial has … so many kudos for reinventing Maan and Yeet in their great love story.


That much fun n happiness they were those days.

But I would like to hug u immensely. For that they opted apple, n tied Maaneet hands on their back.