I’ve posted a couple of pieces of background music on my fan wall. I’m making it a point to watch all those dramas I missed in the near future. We were so caught with the story plus the beautiful soundtrack that we were glued to our seats until the following day. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here After she tells him it was gardening, Joon tells Ha Na to get his camera for him. My mother likes it, my husband likes it, and I like it. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, although the parental angst towards the end made me want to whack someone upside the head with a hint spading fork.

Love Rain Episode 8 April 18th, Stop putting more dramas on my list! Congratulations, ally-le , for another great essay. In fact, I felt as if I were living in Honolulu in the 80s. As for good old inhibited In-ha, I was actually cheering for him that he got it together enough to plight his troth. The multigenerational “premium melodrama” from I saw a small video clip on mute yes of a cute boy Jang Geun Seok holding back tears while nodding in negative to some girl’s Yoona teary confession.. The music was great.

I ended up arranging my own little piano ditty based on Song of the Rain last week. In your defense, there was no wedding, just them in their wedding clothes on the way to one.

This drama is from 4 season series’ director.

It is just one to turn off your brain and enjoy the pretty! Thanks so much for writing this!! Ibnu Shin 20 Agustus The kissing scene too ep 9 and 20 was so exciting. I haven’t seen it. Normally I don’t get so worked up while drama watching.


I was hoping to click on the link and see you playing it! JGS’s dad character made me so mad I wanted him dead ddramacrazy episode.

About half the size of Brown Swiss, and much lower to the ground. Please enter your username or email address. In order to satisfy his need to see it, Joon immediately drives up to the mountains at night. Ally January drzmacrazy, at 8: Since I was college at that time Circa 70 and Love Story was also my favorite movie.

His dramas always go the outdated plot of childhood sweetheart and 1st love melodrama, but I have good nostalgia with them, including this one.

We would have no problem with parents and step children marrying as long as there is no blood connection, elisode problem but Love Rain will always be in my top ten K dramas. Episode 9 by Sunny. Watching it really makes one stress free!! I could never have brought the personal touch you did.

I have kept myself from watching the series as the first two episodes were… d-u-h. Theme of the Month. She then says that she wants to be able to love like that too. Even though YoonA was really green when they made the drama, it worked so well with gain character. PakalanaPikake January 21, at 8: She just glares at him and says nothing though. After she leaves, Ha Na tells Rai to let her go, but instead he just smiles. I didn’t know where to start dramcrazy.


I will, but I already agree with you.

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I cried hard in that train scene when In Ha is about to be deployed to military training. The ensemble cast for both time periods complement each other.

Good anime and a good song. I was surprised to hear how much people didn’t like it.

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And the other one where she was sitting on a bench and he arin watching her from afar, drawing a sketch of her? Does anyone know the song that plays when Joon is doing his 3-second pick up player thing? How Jang Geun-seok starts out as the over-the-top-diva-a-hole everyone hates to pining for a girl so intently episofe just so satisfying. The first one might not have been funny, but he does start laughing at her other ones.

I just got through re watching it again. And the circle of friends was too precious.

Nowdays, Dramacrazyy can see the flaws, but this drama will always have a great impression on me. JYJ Junsu menyelesaikan konser di jakarta dengan s I’m glad you enjoyed it! What a lovely summary and I would agree with the adult characters being exasperating as all get out! I haven’t seen either of these. And Lee Mi-sook’s handbags are all gorgeous.

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