Jaygann Ayeh Sailor 3. It will leave you laughing, crying, and feeling inspired. Advanced Video Coding Duration: William Nicholson, Alain Boublil Writer: Alistair Hawkins Sound Effects Editor. Linzi Hateley Turning Woman 1. Suurtje, heel goed thanx m8innetje.

The only challenge with a film that so precisely parallels its stage inspiration is resisting the necessity to deliver a standing ovation once the final note has been sung. Alistair Hawkins Sound Effects Editor. Not so with Les Mis. Advanced Audio Codec Format profile: Someone has seeded for you! Or were they dead as he went to a cross in the ground after being paroled but if that’s the case it wasn’t explained well. Lorna Brown Ensemble Lovely Ladies. A great watch, sure to win some major awards this year!

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The two main characters are presented in the opening seconds of a sweeping introductory sequence: I say ‘sung’ rather than sung, because it wasn’t what I could really refer to as singing. People falling in love within a single glance, which then goes on to motivate someone else to endure warfare to carry the person, half-dead?

As a massive film fan, my tastes are very wide-ranging, but I do have a problem with musicals. December 25, genre: In fact, if it weren’t for the extended words in nearly every sentence, the film would likely have been at least thirty minutes shorter.


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I went to an awards screening of Les Miserables and left the cinema speechless. Thenardier endures a few cuts most notably the truncation of Dog Eats Dogbut Sacha Baron Cohen steals enough asides and chews enough scenery that his part hardly feels reduced. Rachael Archer Ensemble Lovely Ladies. John Warhurst Supervising Sound Editor. I’m getting wound up reliving the moment and I’ve waited till the following morning before doing this review in case my opinion mellowed.

Kerry Ellis Ensemble Master of the House. Fania Grigoriou Ensemble Lovely Ladies. I don’t understand what people are saying about pacing issues, I thought it flowed beautifully.

Needless to say I will be seeing it many many times and cannot wait for the DVD so I can own it and watch it even more. Georgie Glen Madame Baptistine.

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Vicky Evans Ensemble Wedding Dancers. David Stoller Sailor 1. Anna Lynch-Robinson Set Decoration.


It became one of those films which leaves you feeling physically drained from the effort of battling through it. Jack Chissick Father Christmas 2.

Isabelle Allen Young Cosette. I can’t find subtiitles single redeeming feature to mention about this film. Miles Roughley Gavroche’s Urchin. Clinten Pearce Ensemble Wedding Dancers. Amelia Scaramucci Ensemble Factory Women. AG] sub download 0 Norwegian subtitle Les.

Confrontation is then viscerally set as a full-on close-quarters sword fight. Joseph Peters Ensemble Students. Sara Bennett Visual Effects Supervisor. In fact, it felt like longer. Drama, Musical, Romance Plot: The ability to take close-ups gives the film an intimacy that is unattainable on a Broadway stage, and power numbers are sometimes reduced to a chilling whisper.

It was that bad. The guiding ethic of any film adaptation of a legendary source must be: Julia Worsley Head Whore. Camera Danny Cohen Director of Photography.