But love is also known to set you free, uplift you, rescue you. Watch the Jama Masjid sequence breath-taking or the camera movements in the bylanes of old Delhi. In America, having led a very western lifestyle, Roshan is not familiar with the sites and smells, the food and culture, the religion and beliefs, this huge melting pot that India is. Rajpal Yadav however, seems to be in top form and delivers the goods. His is too meek to use his childhood friendship to seek help from his now-famous friend. The music doesn’t really register any impact as there are no full songs as well. While Punjab was the setting for the first half of the film, it’s the bylanes and the bars of Paharganj where the action takes place in the second half.

Blinded by success and the taste of the high society life he losses both focus and form. Ordinary, decrepit Billu’s life. The romantic track is the weakest link in the enterprise. Sahir Khan, the ace star of Bollywood, is part of the crew and the lead cast in the film. Posted by Hementh at 5: Luck by Chance LBC highlights the many quirks of the Hindi film industry, like film productions run like family enterprises.

Ironic…but what a film!

SRK is his usual, glamour-boy edition, competing with the ubiquitous Irrfan for screen space. Debut writer-director Zoya Akhtar laksyha in telling us almost all, but leaving out several things unsaid. This film would have been a much better one, had there been a young actor doing his part.

His wife Bindiya Lara Dutta and two kids barely manage a hand-to-mouth existence, thanks to Billu’s crumbling business and failing income, loaded with debts. Also homework by the makers is clearly lacking if they intended to show the ‘real’ behind the scenes happenings of the cricket match for example the dressing room interactions etc.

Just one word to describe the output: The ‘ordinary’ part is handled in an extraordinary way while the ‘extraordinary’ part is essayed in an easy, hands-down ordinary fashion. Just like the villagers, you simply can’t ignore the star.


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What was the movir to have this sequence? Vikram is one among the many called for a screen-test, and the story is about what happens after.

Now that Sahir is in the village shooting a corny film, Billu’s life changes. Under pressure from yesteryear star Neena Mishra Dimple as her daughter Nikki Isha is debuting with the project, Rolli decides to cast a new face. But as the noble hearted Deepak begins his transport business, everyone he starts encountering wants to extract money from him. Amrita Rao reprises her typical simple small town girl act for the nth time.

Blinded by success and the taste of the high society life he losses both focus and form. He thinks it is impudent to display his poverty to his friend. Com Part 7 Uploaded by indian-shows.

movei As she slips into repetitive rounds of day-dreams, Jai Randeep Hoodaher ideal man, appears in various avatars — as a shirtless flautist, a cowboy, James Bond, a saxophone player and even as his eminence Mr. If the melodrama was intended to bring in that emotional connect with the audience then the writer-director have clearly failed as throughout the film the emotional impact is clearly missing.

Supriya Pathak, Tanvi Azmi, K. The villagers try his patience and test his mettle by threatening to boycott him and his barber shop if he does not meet Sahir.

Ordinary, decrepit Billu’s life.

Watch Delhi 6 in Full Screen ,akshya. Amit Trivedi Whatever you do, do not fall in love. CCC would have been surefire hit had it come some years ago. Link 2 Click Here.

Posted by Hementh at 5: Also, his American accent looks fake. Also one wonders why everyone in the film is shrieking so loudly every time.

Though really entertaining at places, the film fails to qualify as a worth watch because of the second half which wanders off aimlessly. Though the storyline as derived from the original Malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol is linear and one-dimensional, director Priyadarshan peps it up with many a touching moment.

Lara Dutta shines in her lack-lustre outfits low-backed cholis and makeup-less village matron’s role. But you really laugh when the teacher Saurabh Shuklaan impossible ham and the worst onlune in the room, displays how to enact a simple scene. Billu Irrfan Khan is ohline village hairdresser wallowing in abject poverty. Life is cruel and Lenny becomes Chanda or Chandramukhi as we know her.


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Saturday, February 14, Chal Chala Chal Dev never was in control and Paro’s marriage gives him the trigger to go full throttle towards destruction. Billu’s life takes a U-turn when a trendy film crew lands in the village for a film shooting. Com Part 9 Uploaded by indian-shows. Posted by Hementh at But the writing faulty at times as also the execution of the material isn’t the type that would appeal to all sections of moviegoers.

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Amidst all this he meets the beautiful Bittu Sonam Kapoorwho wants to break free from the typical Indian social structure, to whom Roshan is destined to lose his heart. His character therefore fails to evoke any sympathy from the audience. Success begins to spoil and distancing him from his lady love Amrita Rao back home. That Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is an accomplished storyteller is evident in several individualistic scenes.

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Not only there are just a very few games but also what are shown are simply thanda! Some villagers even doubt Billu’s connection with the actor. Bollywood girls Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone give you a slice of the usual Bollywood-pie with their dreamy eyes and dancing steps. Really, Rakeysh tries to pack in multiple stories in those 2.

Zoya cajoles fantastic performances from each cast member. LBC does not mercifully focus only on the stars and instead, dives deeper into the workings of the industry: