Edit Opening Theme 1: Inokuma takes his students to his hometown called Cormorant Village to see a local classical performance, but there is someone found dead when the festival is in process. After receiving a threatening letter, Hajime and Detective Kenmochi board a sleeper train where a magic act turns grim. None found, add some. In the first game, a woman is killed by the explosion in the room. Feb 13,

Guessing the culprit is in their midst, Hajime begins his investigation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hajime takes part in a eating competition and gets sick due to a large amount of eaten food, so Miyuki sends him to a general hospital. Hajime and Miyuki go to a cottage in Nagano to spend their Valentine’s Day. The classes of the school begin, but five students disappeared mysteriously after they leave the classroom. The Case of Fumi’s Kidnapping” Transcription:

When Akechi was preparing for the chess, another Japanese chess player was found dead in a room.

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The victim has been poisoned to death by a bowl of soup, and is identified as Chan Yong Fu. But just as he does so, he finds himself framed again. Takato comes to Hong Kong to help a human being called “The King of the Cave” out of an abandonded building.

Some time later, Hajime receives a phone call from Yousuke Kyogoku. Later, Fumi finds a skull being thrown into the lake, and in the next morning, the jikengo find a skeleton from the lake, with only the glasses as a known object. Detective Kenmochi asks Hajime for help catching a phantom art thief, a so-called gentleman who leaves calling cards announcing his next kihdaichi.

With some hints from Hajime, Fumi finally solves the case and the murderer is the one known.

It has been reported that there were seven mysteries exist in the Fudo High School, though only six of them had been solved. Miyuki gets heavily injured and is sent to hospital because of the attack from the killer and later wakes up.


Hajime points out that somebody disguises the name of Inspector Kenmochi in order to shouunen his murders in progress. She then receives another command. The latest victim left behind a will that confesses to her committing the crimes. Hajime tries to escort Yang Xiaolong out because of the police’s actions. Rescued from the bottomless bog, Hajime continues to investigate the truth behind the disappearing body and the death of the former troupe leader.

Everybody tries to escape from the order of Kindaichi.

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As for the local culture, the emglish would be given arrows on her neck before being interred. According to a scan from the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen magazine, manga series Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Kindaichi reveals a case committed by the Computer Cottage members years ago with the help of the computer. Hajime and Miyuki head out to investigate when the photo of someone who supposedly died in the Hiren Lake incident shows up in a magazine. Inspector Kenmochi is suspected for the murders of two young culprits and an attempted murder of Busujima.

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Shiho’s sun locks himself in the bathroom, thinking he has figured out the puzzle only for Kindaichi to break open the door and find him killed by poisoned spikes behind a frame. Everyone escapes and is taken to the next stage, where they are told only one will survive. Even the sword was lindaichi used to commit the murder. Hajime, Officer Kenmochi and Miyuki take a flight back to Haneda Airport, but during the trip the pilot is killed when everybody finds him.

After the ceremony, two of the mates buy flowers and snacks from the town, however Koutarou doesn’t come and accompany with them, but is found as a corpse from a gumboat which the 10 members had used with the “Fox Mask” on his face!


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Three culprits involved in a bullying case are released in recent days. One of the college students tells a story about the ghost, Hanako. Other treasure seekers also join in on the hunt.

The two sons are found dead in different rooms.

One of the college students disappears mysteriously when Hajime, Miyuki and Tsukimizato go to sun cottage. It is said that only the barrels can only be controlled by a giant. Hajime learns about the medical students’ secret past while the others search the facility for a rabies vaccine.

There are also five Russian dolls inside the mansion. Kindaichi and a revived Akechi both solve the continuous case from their reasoning.

A fugitive escaped from the jail had encountered the engpish ship that the idol singer, Reika Hayami is in, and he has attacked a fan of Reika in the toilet in order to exchange his profile. Inspector Kenmochi tells Hajime that the surgeon was murdered some time before and this hospital has been cursed as the “Death God Hospital”. Hajime thought that it was a murder planned from jikenboo diver that had dislikeness of the victim.

One of the artist’s twins is suspected of murdering him. Officer Lee implies that a bomb had been hidden somewhere in Hong Kong, so he and Kindaichi go to many places, including an abandoned hospital out of the urban in Tai Owhere the corpse of Liu Ivy, the fashion designer of the model show, is found.

Hajime and his friends are invited to have a chess competition with a rival campus. In turn, the killer’s motives are revealed.