Arsala meant no harm and her character was one of the good things about this play so I wish I could ask the writer what on earth was he thinking when he decided to kill Arsala? Zohaib initially came across as a mature, responsible and sensible man but lately all his decisions are in complete contrast with his character; hasty and not well thought out. Bikes Car Prices Rickshaw. I understand that she was in a state of shock because after losing her one in a million brother, the comfort and luxuries of her home, she only had Hamza to fall back on so the revelation that Hamza was using her all along struck her pretty bad, but I was expecting some sort of reaction, what about you guys? Ishq Parast- Episode 10 Maryam April 23, How can change happpen?

Ishq Parast — Episode Maryam June 27, Hamza joins Zohaib’s office. Yes, I am passionate about it and I wish I wasnt. They cant all portray milder or non-sexual problems and just omit the really nasty ones. However, his dad has declared Zoya as the CEO of a fake charity organization and with a multi-million rupee paycheck coming in with her name on it, the family can’t afford to let Zoya leave. About US Submit a review. You live in a society where if you are god forbid attacked in such a way, you will be supported as the victim. I was wrong, the episode was sickening.

Just look at the horrendous comments posted about Pakistani public figures who happen revifw divorce? Further to my above comment, check out this excellent piece padast this issue: The drama is airing on Ary Zindagi every Friday to Sunday at 8: In this drama, it was totally uncalled for, Humza was an angry young man with issues but he was not a psycho, they did not have to turn him into a monster.


Do we Desire marriage with just anybody at any price. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Yes, I am passionate about it and I wish I wasnt.

Ishq Parast- Episode 3 Maryam March 5, Zohaib is a blessing for her. So women cant afford such liberties.

The man can explain to her the consequences of her decisions. Restaurants Hotels Things To Do. Vee 14 June at Dua’s friend even told Hamza where the newly married couple had gone for their honeymoon.

Pakistani drama “Ishq Parast” getting popular – Tele-Visual Infolink

Zoya goes with the family to a function in honor of the charity she is ‘CEO’ of. Now, Dua is in a position to compare Zohaib and Hamza. Ishs is not sex. I was thinking that Arsala, like any insecure SIL, would give Dua some tough time, but she actually proved to be a cool and friendly nand. Dua’s father confiscate her phone. She went from a strong girl w ho knows her mind to this hallow-eyed door mat. The rest is history. He was the sole bread winner of the family. This may take a second or two.

Ishq Parast- Episode 9 Maryam April 17, So I’m having to do yet another review on them 1 To blow off some steam, and 2 To clarify the change of ratings.

About US Submit a review. Is it really necessary to show such incredible extremes? The writer relied on two famous last episode features: The families will send them back to the husband. Mein bhool gaya tha kay jab meray drqma baap meray na hosakay tou mera dost aur meri muhabbat kis tarah hogi. I seriously wanted to beat up her husband for being a wimp and making it all about him and dishonouring his promises. Write Something About This.


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Ishq Parast Episode 9 Review

Thanks again for reading and commenting! If she is a divorcee, its a stigma.

Now you know what I mean when I said ‘all hell breaks loose. Abuse-based plays should ONLY deal with abuse — the physical and psychological impacts of abuse on the victims, isq they deal with this trauma, how they pick themselves up and how the perpetrators of this heinous crime are punished in the end. I think Khaala enjoyed more than her fair share of airtime throughout this play so I would have liked the last episode to be a little less Khaala-centric.

Ishq Parast was the most watched show of Even worse happens daily. It is predatory behaviour. We need something that changes our way of thinking and the social acceptance of oppression against women Not maintaining status quo.