Joy boosts her confidence with a brand new look. Season 3, Episode 11 February 7, Teenagers try to solve mysteries they uncover at their British boarding school. The kids try to perform the secret ceremony; Jerome realizes he can no longer hide his double life. Married at First Sight. Season 3, Episode 14 February 14,

Frobisher doesn’t awaken; Patricia mounts a rescue; Mara and Willow’s bond troubles Jerome. Soon, the stone stirs up chaos, forcing the Sibunas to solve the stone’s mystery before it’s too late. Available to Stream Watch on. A Star Is Born 4. Alfie convinces KT that he’s not a sinner. House of Anubis — Victor confiscates KT’s key and when Jerome begs Patricia for a favour she strikes a deal – if he gets their key back from Victor!

When Fabian’s trusting nature lands him in the hands of Frobisher, Ammut’s collection is almost complete. Season 3, Episode 21 March 11, A Star Is Born 4.

Joy agrees to Mara’s plan regarding Jerome; Mara learns about a large inheritance; Eddie breaks free from the crypt. KT’s hopes of proving her innocence disappear when Harriet is sectioned. Season 3, Episode 20 March 7, Frobisher doesn’t awaken; Patricia mounts a rescue; Mara and Willow’s bond troubles Jerome. Season 3, Episode 19 March 6, Fabian decodes some of the cryptic message from the bracelet packaging. Harriet sacrifices sseason as Eddie and Hous finally unlock the portal to destroy Ammut and save them all.


A Star Is Born 7. La La Land 6. Denby drives a wedge between Eddie and Patricia in her quest for Frobisher’s next sinner.

Joy and Jerome have Mara’s blessing, and Alfie has a special gift for Willow. Season 3, Episode 25 March allshowsdaliy, Season 3, Episode 12 February 7, Meanwhile, Jerome’s double life catches up with him. Add to Watchlist Added. Victor and Denby force Mr Sweet to take drastic action against the Sibunas. Patricia plans to captures KT by offering to help clear her name.

House of Anubis S03E25 – House of Deceptions – video dailymotion

The Sibunas find Frobisher apparently houwe – were they wrong all along? Meanwhile, Mara and Willow get back at Jerome by driving him crazy! Jerome and Mara take the business studies competition seriously and personally. The Sibunas are unaware of this until Patricia catches Caroline with their school files.

The ceremonial seasn is snatched by Mr. Patricia and Fabian suspect KT of working for Victor. Jerome worries that Mara and Willow working together will threaten his secret.

House of Anubis – S03 – E01&E02 – House of Arrivals & House of Presents

Will they sacrifice themselves to save them all? Eddie predicts something ominous will occur; the kids put a hidden camera in the gatehouse; Mara and Willow seek vengeance.


Audible Download Audio Books. Joy agrees to Mara’s ultimate revenge plot – to break Jerome’s heart. Alfie convinces KT that he’s not a sinner. Jerome is humiliated in front of the class during the “singing competition”. At the gatehouse, Frobisher gives Caroline a mission: They rush to rescue Harriet Denby, but discover she’s gone. The adults are on the Sibunas’ tail, looking for their second sinner. Season 3, Episode 22 March 12, Frobisher awakens; Joy reveals Jerome’s secret; Mr.

The adults track the Sibunas; Patricia plans on confessing her true feelings to Eddie. The real Miss Denby is located; Joy bolsters her self-esteem with a makeover.

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Victor discovers the secret room and installs one of Frobisher’s fatal booby traps. Season 3 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. Fabian translates the message from the envelope. Mr Sweet steals the ceremonial bracelet from Eddie and a shock revelation about the descended leaves Sibuna stunned.