Besides “Scream,” and “Funny Games,” this is the best horror film in the past 15 years!!! If you’re idea of a horror film is I know What You Did Last Summer and you consider Scream and The Exorcist to be the most shocking films ever made, this is not a film for you. I also loved the film’s score. If you like it, you’re awesome!! Its sad that a film as wonderfully made as this is so grossly misunderstood. Hard to nail down a favorite moment with this one, but it’s hard to resist picking the youngsters getting abused in their bunny suits.

Obviously, this was a way better movie!!! We wanted blood, and we got it!!! This is not exactly mainstream stuff here. Zombie’s themes are fairly consistent – evil without the usual religious connotations and cliches , murder, sex, insanity, and stereotype “hillbillies”. Then once the coffin gets lowered into the water towards the end, “House” kicks into overdrive and from then on if there’s nothing in the movie that spooks you, then maybe you’re unspookable. This flick was definitely worth the wait!!! Movie Mogul, if you’re going to commission the guy from White Zombie to do a horror flick, what exactly do you anticipate as a result? As released, there’s really nothing there you haven’t seen before in some form or other; some gore fans may even feel let down, but of course there’s always the DVD.

Apparently people have been going missing in this town but back in the Seventies the term “serial killer” was waiting to be invented, so no squads of Feds and profilers have arrived. Zombie, despite some flaws.

House of Corpses YIFY subtitles

A For true horror fans only. This flick was definitely worth the wait!!! I definitely can’t wait to see it again in the theater and to buy the DVD!

I already had a user comment for “House of a 1. Please either defecate or get off the toilet Zombie’s world is not a place for people who are terribly concerned with reality, but, for Zombie himself, it seems to supply endless muse for a prolific and interesting commercial creativity. All Rob Zombie fans, metal music fans, horror fans, or people who want to see a hardcore horror film should go out and see this movie!! The film borrows largely from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Last House on the Left, with his own little bits of original demential thrown in and an assortment of other horror film references.


Lastly, the atmosphere at the theater I was at: But for those who are, the film is a true gem and a rarity; it is a kind of film that hasnt been seen on the screens in over twenty years and probably wont be for another twenty years.

Is the one-sided nature of the conflict overwhelming villain, hapless or helpless victim part of the appeal for us? Whoa, that would have been another great line in this “uber celebration of depravity” as those lame Universal execs so succinctly called it.

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This film successfully and entertainingly portrays all of RZ’s themes in about the same proportions as his music. I loved the split-screens, filters, stock footage, use of color, and that infamous slow motion shot I loved that scene! The if also walks a delicate line between Hannibal Lector grotesque art realism and supernatural forces. Do we “identify with” the chaser or the chasee?

Movie Mogul, if you’re going to commission subtites guy from White Zombie to do a horror flick, what exactly do you anticipate as a result? Rob Zombie gave this film a unique visual style I had never seen in a film before. I also loved hosue film’s score.

It fit well with the atmosphere of the film! My favorite song was the title theme, of course! I own the soundtrack, and I loved it!

If you don’t, I guess you’re not ready for hardcore horror.

Its purpose is to shock and disturb, to serve no other function than to entertain through exploitation and disgusting and bizarre violence. Tom Towles was also good in a good guy role!

Is a horror fan entitled to have a second opinion? Zombie brought something new to the table, and will hopefully make a great contribution to horror he has already in my opinion. But bottom line, is this movie a blast?

There’s an abundance of gore in this derivative horror movie, but little subttiles or wit. Rob Zombie’s style is often innovating and so overwhelming that it might look overly hectic at first but, in reality, his dedication towards obscurity and his knowledge on classic cinema is one of the best 10000 that could ever happen to the horror genre.


Just as you think the limits of weirdness are approaching, Zombie takes the film a step farther, and before long you surrender yourself to the mercy of the film and just accept things for what they are. I was surprised there was such a packed audience, and it was barnone the best theater-going experience I had ever had!!! People were screaming, jumping, laughing, walking out, and commenting loudly on how awesome it was!!! I think that had it been released as made three years ago without all the hype, with the chance to “sneak up on” us, it would’ve been even more effective.

I love that line! Great soundtrack, I may have to buy it As released, there’s really nothing there you haven’t seen before in some form or other; some gore fans may even feel let down, but of course there’s always the DVD.

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I’ve read it had to be cut to make the R rating, although I really can’t see how an NC would’ve hurt it; people will go see it partly because it’s by Rob Zombie and it’s said to be gory and for those put off by such factors, an R rating won’t make them less put off.

Does it sometimes trip over the fine line between scares and laughs? We wanted blood, and we got it!!! Zombie has a nice feel for where to put the camera and how to move a scene along. The family, apparently headed by the phenomenally weird Karen Black, makes The Addams family look like the Brady Bunch. Will it remind people of certain other movies? Now, let’s not get carried away here: