Shane Douglas returns to ECW.. There could only be one top heel, and these two heels couldn’t work with each other in any coherent way, from a character perspective. ESPN Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world’s longest running radio soap opera. Except for the fact that pro-wrestling originated in Europe, you cross-worshiping bitch. Initially launched as an Arabic news and current affairs satellite TV channel, Al Jazeera has since expanded into a network with several outlets, including the Internet and specialty TV channels in multiple languages. It’s a carny show.

Cena is a proven draw and is a good enough main event to get by wrestling wise. Plus Raw, Smackdown, Impact and Indy Wrestling discussion, pop culture, news, sports talk, and lots more. I spent 2 years posting on another wrestling forum called WRWrestling. When Rocky took over it was pretty good, because he was so loathed. But the WWF can still draw because they can balance that domestic buy with , international buys. All wrestling these days has pretty much gone down the toilet. Granted, it’s not a WCW-esque screwup, but it is a typical Vince McMahon type screwup that has been typical of WWE without some other mind like Scott’s to emphasize that not caring for continuity makes fans not invest emotionally into the product. Vince was stingy about the titles in those days, now it seems like everyone has been the world champ at some point.

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Vince and Shane McMahon. The magic fades away. Watch this fight, for instance, if you want blood: The Goldberg type tgtraxx for Asuka with a Raw womens roster of 10 is now just smoke and mirrors.

Both are “real,” though basketball has been known to have some rigging due to backdoor deals. There were gimmicks of hypnotists winning worked matches even that far back that makes Vince McMahon’s Papa Shango character look real in comparison. Jericho was a rising mid-carder by that point and was starting to get over.


She died of an overdose at Lex Luger’s house.

Now, you may be a weirdo, so I can’t say you will necessarily watch cricket instead of pro-wrestling, but most would rather watch wrestling, except dogmatic ESPN tards who think pro-wrestling intrudes upon their masculinity since it’s a work.

Same thing goes hollywooc MMA. Chris Jericho wrestles as Super Liger.

Eddy Guerrero Mask vs. The Rock worked the same way, and I don’t think the Rock hollyood to jobs ever hurt his career either.

Man, I can’t stand Cena. He is a better worker than Hulk Hogan ever was, and I don’t think Hogan was as bad as many say, and he is substantially better than the Ultimate Warrior. Ludvig Holoywood is dead.

And when he finally did get the title in July ofhe was still a household name.

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I like him a lot. That is why everyone else fell whereas Vince won, and Vince didn’t win because his product was ultimately better but just more marketable. Which is more accepted in society: After The Rock left Wrestling got really stupid. CM Punk is the champion now, and he’s a good promo guy and wrestler. Shawn Michaels, being a face, was regularly getting jeered in fact, watch his match against Sycho Sid, at the Survivor Series ’96, and the crowd turns on Michaels so hard, that Michaels was getting legitimately pissed off.

Kevin Sullivan, Edge v.

In addition, the Raw and Smackdown house show crew, touring Canada, and running in traditionally-strong mid-sized markets like London, Halifax and Moncton, did its worst house show weekend of After being diagnosed with cancer he became an inspiration to many by successfully battling the disease for a number of years. The content in this thread is seaosn over your head.

In fact, Bret has only considered appearing just to help out his nephew and niece who are currently in the WWF, and he wouldn’t even do that much. I can’t even make it through the Raw theme song it’s so fucking bad. Personally, I like performers.


I can remember when he was known as Mark Callous. Further, Tvraxx has been contacted by the WWF a number of times to work for them again or make an appearance. Last year, when Raw had a higher rating, the football game ratings were Lex Luger always looked like a pussy.

It’s not just attitude era stuff that’s missed. They’re both funny, though I think Christian is more mature in putting a program over. They were trying to avoid regulation by state athletic commissions.

And Vince can also deflect criticism from athletic commissions knowing a his workers were frequently not in the condition to perform, and b he could avoid paying taxes to athletic commissions that asked for a percentage of the gate.

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I can’t stomach a whole WWE show The Canadian fans, who tend to be a lot smarter than American fans, saw that move for what it was, and Vince’s PR move backfired. You have to go with what works. Essentially, it was a hotshot, and Chris Benoit had a very similar title reign between March and August in heihts, well, Michaels had to fuck things up and make Benoit look less important than what he could have been booked as.

That will likely not be the case since nothing is ever certain in wrestling, but he at this point does think it’s time to hang it up. Go back even just 5 years