The four Recovery Status levels are: Product Features VR experienced On the other hand, with too little training within a time frame, you may not take advantage of your whole capacity. You can tailor your training views to fit your needs. Slot supportAllow you answer the phone anytime and anywhereHigh quality guaranteed A-GPS data tells your wrist device the predicted positions of the GPS satellites and makes it possible to get signals from them within seconds, even under difficult signal conditions. Smartwatches can run different apps, like the weather app, the calendar app or — in the case of the Polar M — the Polar App. You will receive alerts from incoming calls, messages and push notifications from social media apps and see them on the display of your training computer.

Polar wrist-based heart rate measurement integrates heart rate into a device that can be worn on your wrist. The watch should sit behind the wrist bone, with the back of the watch fitting snugly against your wrist, but not so tight as to prevent blood circulation or feel uncomfortable. You can see your target heart rate zone and target duration and adjust your training for optimal results. Provide an easy way to adjust and monitor the intensity of your training. Allows you to stay up to date when wearing your training computer in your everyday life. Your training and daily activity details are automatically sent and available to be used in the services where you allow it. Wed, 27 Feb

Tracks your daily activity at five intensity levels for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides a complete picture of all of your activity.

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Interruptions show you how much time you spent awake during the night. Harta example, you can compare the load of a long low intensity cycling session to that of a short high intensity running session. In Custom period you can choose both the period and the sport. During individual training sessions, compatible Polar products guide you in real-time.


Stores your recent training files. Stay connected while you train. Altitude is measured either with GPS or an atmospheric air pressure sensor. Stores all your daily physical activity. Available in Polar Flow.

The intensity of a session is measured mainly by using your heart rate. You can follow your activity in daily, weekly hargaa monthly view.

Too much training in relation to time for recovery may lead to fatigue and decrease in performance. In more advanced training computers you can get tailored views during your training and choose what data you want to follow during training, for instance heart rate or just speed and distance.

Control music right from your watch. Your Running Index score is calculated automatically after every run. Read more about wrist-based heart rate measurement here.

Train smarter with unique and exclusive Polar Smart Coaching features designed for sports, fitness and health. And with password protection, you Creates a video presenting your previous training routes and allows you to see the highlights of the session. Allows you to easily analyze every detail of your training and long-term physical activity in the Flow web service.

Black Product Height 8. Most adults do very well with eight hours of sleep, but sleep needs may vary from about six to nine hours. Play helps you manage your phone’s memory, making it easy to Gives you an instant, visual summary of one training session or your activity in the Polar Flow app. Distance km, mi can be set and measured in several ways. In the Polar Flow web service, you can see your long-term average and your estimated finishing times for 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon runs.

Provides a fast GPS satellite fix. In Week, Month and Year reports you can choose the sport you want to include to the report. The flexible phone band fixes various size of Offers you a practical tool to follow your development with reports and graphs over longer periods.


You can see the cumulative energy expenditure in kilocalories, kcal during exercise and total kilocalories of the session after exercise. The calculation is further affected by your personal information, such as age, sex, weight, VO2max and training history. It counts your active time, daily burnt calories, steps, distance from steps and sleep.

Your device will guide you throughout your training. Buy from the official Polar webstore or find retailer. Activity benefits include, e. With the Training Benefit feature, you can make your training more varied by altering your training intensity and duration. The total active time is the cumulative time of body movements that are good for your body and health. GLONASS is a global satellite navigation system that provides speed, distance and route data for your outdoor activities.

On the other hand, with too little training within a time frame, you may not take advantage of your whole capacity. An age-based HRmax is a rough estimate of your maximum heart rate, and it is used as default in most Polar training computers. In the media Here’s what the media is saying about Polar M Ear Hook Vocalism Principle: When exercise intensity increases, heart rate also increases to match the increased rate of energy expenditure and oxygen uptake.

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You will find detailed information in the Polar Flow app and web service, like time spent at different activity intensity levels, average of daily goal completion, calories burned and steps taken, amount of inactivity alerts and sleep time and quality. Access thousands of apps via Google Play store — right on your watch.

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