The time travel aspect was getting just the tiniest bit complicated but I liked where she was going and enjoyed the time flip from the first book. Soon Gideon, Kate, and Peter are swept into a journey through eighteenth-century London and form a bond that, they hope, will stand strong in the face of unfathomable treachery. Has a cliff-hanger ending, so you might want to have book two on hand. The author handled it just fine – except for a short paragraph far into the story where the characters start to discuss how things could get messed up and parallel universes and stuff – just let it go. Before long, Kate and Peter are on an adventure, headed to London to recover the antigravity machine and get back to their homes and families. There is also some good redemptive themes. This book is very action packed and really good. Before Gideon and Nathaniel disappear, they destroy the anti-gravity.

I thought this sounded like it would be a really wonderful adventure story but it didn’t in anyway meet my expectations. She’s supposed to be really smart, and really decisive, but I saw neither of those traits. The story, characters, writing, even the semi-logic behind the time travel were brilliant. This book was just, bleh. Particularly with young adult fiction, there would be a temptation to be overly didactic with this kind of story. Two children from our time are accidentally sent back to , where they make the acquaintance of Gideon Seymour, former pickpocket and cutpurse, and his arch-enemy, the Tar Man. I felt like the Dryer’s should have opened up to the Shock’s a little more in understanding. Obviously a kid who read Harry Potter i.

Yhe, for someone supposed to be brave, she seemed to faint an awful lot. The jumping back and forth is not as confusing as movei could have been, and both parts of the story are extremely well-written. What I also liked was how there was a double narrative, the second narrative following the children’s parents back in the modern days. You wonder when you fell in love with the series and if you’ll ever not think of the series without being overwhelmed by feels.


Kate and Peter are te fact in deep trouble. While there, they learn of an anti-gravity prototype being built by Dr Dyer’s colleague, Tim Williamson. The story kind of just fizzled out. First, I have to say, the cover of this book is great!

Before Gideon and the children have a chance to gather thei. Yet, they leave behind a few mysteries. This story has a way of worming its way into your heart, even with some cliched lines and a few cringe-worthy phrases. He wants his favourite thief back and if Gideon is not willing to be compliant, then the second option is to have him dangling from the end of a rope in Tyburn.

I liked some of the secondary cast of characters, and especially Cutprse liked Gideon.

Gideon the Cutpurse

I won’t lie, I picked up The Time Travelers, part one in the Gideon trilogy, mainly because it had awesome cover art. I enjoyed the book while I was listening, and it held my interest enough that I think I got through it in one day, while doing random things that needed to be done.

Before Gideon and Nathaniel disappear, they destroy the anti-gravity. The story inside will not disappoint them, either!

It’s disappointing to reread this adventure and find it so lacking in diversity, but it’s hard to dislike a book I so loved when I was younger. Other books in the series. I had a hard time putting the books down, especially the first two.

The “evidence” is a message left by Kate for her friend in their special place – she’s scratched the date in to the brickwork.

I wouldn’t go THAT far, but it is a good, entertaining story. Not even the muted yelling tone Gerard Doyle used in other places to indicate louder speech without actually hollering in my ear — this was a jump-out-of-your-socks full bore very much unmuted scream.

But still, once you get started, it is entertaining and you have to movle reading! I mean, literally, the bottom of a large stack of books sitting here just waiting for me to read them. The main characters are well developed, which isn’t always the case in the first book of a series, and there are lots of interesting secondary chara As many reviews have noted, it is hard to believe this gideeon a first novel.


I really liked it, and the author shines when she’s writing about the 18th century; I have a feeling she didn’t so much research the era movid she could write her story, but came up with a time travel idea just so she could write about what she knows and loves.

The morning Peter and his father fight about it again, Margrit, the Au Pair, takes Peter with teh to visit her friends out in the country.

The Gideon Trilogy – Wikipedia

There’s a lot more This is a fun time travel romp, although probably not a “light read” for some. This kovie the very same master and “thief-taker” whom Gideon Seymour has just escaped. Up till that point I had vague plans to follow the story through.

This has been at the bottom of my to-read stack for the longest time! In doing this she doesn’t fall prey to the easy presentation of the past as ignorant and repressed. cutputse

My kids love to touch it! Meanwhile, Lord Luxon tries gifeon change history for America to still be in British power by murdering president George Washington! As I write this review, I’m a third of the way through book two and loving it.

You’re going to perpetrate that on your customers? Gideon Seymour, cutpurse and gentleman, hides from the villainous Tar Man. I haven’t read this since high school, so I’ve been meaning to reread this for a while! Stereotypical in every respect but somehow the author gets away with it. Before Gideon and the children have a chance to gather thei