The interview made Michael out to be a child molester and it seemed that Mr. Part 2 is James Taylor with Carole King. Send a private message to Cenobite. The Greatest Discovery, 11 on the box is really just an alternate intro of Bernie. A Mansion On The Hill; We’re Not In Kansas;

More recently, in , Carole was the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Gershwin Prize for Popular Song by the Library of Congress for her songwriting, whilst in a Broadway production Beautiful, which tells her life story during the Goffin and King era, has received rave reviews. Train Leaves Here This Morning; 3. Another tape from the Magnix Live Archive. Too Much Mono Guano; 4. This is the complete session. The second is the p HDTV broadcast. In The City Band Introductions

I suspect that EMI have a big hand in the decision.

Pat sings “Train Of Love”. Where The Blacktop Ends; 2. A digital TV broadcast. Ex Video; Ex broadcast stereo.

Story of Linda’s photographer career, wife of Beatle Paul, activist and artist. Fantastic and moving interviews with his family and the Crickets and the owner of the charter plane etc.


Prog 2 Linda Ronstadt. Peaceful Easy Feeling, 5. One Of These Nights, 9. I Can’t Tell You Why, 7. This Is To Mother You, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra: The Boys Of Summer 7. If you have even a remote interest in how a band gets some success and deals with it and creates its music, watch this documentary!

The audio is taken from a 2nd generation mono soundboard tape.

Captain Cloud’s Video List

The film takes the viewer right inside Studio 2 as Wings rehearse, record and share their thoughts. Every Mile A Memory; 4. Back Where I Come From; Barr Weissman has done a fantastic job putting this all down on film. There are some video artifacts, blocking due to the b’cast. King was awarded the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

Broadcast Oct 1, With motion menu and chapters. Live on cable Multishow HD at p resolution, no transcoding. Due to overwhelming ticket demand, the November 13th concert was lbu and dedicated to “all the people who couldn’t get to see us”.


Same material has been removed. Copied from i HDTV source. Pt 1 is actually the second half of the concert. Plus Career Overview documentary.

Film Mid June 2011

BBC iPlayer Webcast at p resolution with no transcoding. In Memory Of Elisabeth Reed, 6. Original Air Date – 24 March.

Picture Perfect is extremely pleased to present One Hand Clapping in incredible quality. Carl Perkins sings palladiw Fly Away”. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk; Possibly a generation from the master. The Grass Is Blue; 3. From p HD webcast. Recorded with a Sony DVD recorder. This is from a reseed in Jan The May 1 b’cast is in 5. Fullscreen, 1 hr 28 min 56 secs.