If you have iTunes, you can buy this song as well. Hi Meera Madam, This is an amazing collection of lyrics which is very rare to find even in the whole internet world. Jaggesh, Nikitha Thukral — New Kannada. Mrutyu dootaru tannanu pondidanijadhrutyana karedoyyalu satta dvijana taanu matte dharege tandu ,mrutyu bidisi sukha ittu porediharanna Nambi Kettavarillavo e gurugala, nambade keduvarunto. Posted by Prakash S Belur on February 5, at Cheluva sutana padeda,lalanege pararinda pulinagartadi divya jalavanitaavaranna Nambi Kettavarillavo e gurugala, nambade keduvarunto. Posted by AR on January 7, at Here in this shloka Sri Vadindraru has effectively made use of the Adisayokti alankara which stimulates us to wonder.

My mother was singing 2 laali songs for krishna. Sorry I really tried hard for it.. Very good work done. I have a request. It has several lyrics for what you have asked. Hello madam, we apprciate your involvement and shocked to see your volume of work,keep it up!!! Samsrithi vrukshamanegha shathagha nidanamanatha vikarma sushagham Dukhabhalam karanadi palashamananga supushpama chinthyasumoolam Ramyadhiruhya hareepathitham sharanagathameva vimoochayamoodam Swambhajatho mama dehithadhyakhana he hanumaswapadambhuja dasyam.

Kannada may contact me. Is it not the greatest khanta bhooshana to them. Those are a lot of lyrics to ask for.

Find your choice !

Manada Aase thilisuvaase heege helali Naale heege yemba chinte indu edeyali Kallu mullu eene irali baala haadiyali Ninna karuneinda ella rinngtone. You can see it ere: Is this the song you are looking for?

I trust this will be of help to you in your work. Only a great sainly scholar like Your holiness can only undertake such an arduous task and help the scholars. Thammanna on November 29, at Mrutyu dootaru tannanu pondidanijadhrutyana karedoyyalu satta dvijana taanu matte dharege tandu ,mrutyu bidisi sukha ittu porediharanna Nambi Kettavarillavo e gurugala, nambade keduvarunto.


Godess Lakshmi you are Lakshmi and Durgathe mother of this whole Universe and you are the creater of Brahmaadi Devaas under the aegis of Lord Narayana and your extraordinary effulgence nullifies the beauty of the divine group of women. SHe has forgot the lyrics now and remembers only few lines.

Nimma dhaarmika sevege namma hrutpurvaka vandanegalu madam. Ambha noopura rathna kankanadhari keyoora haaraavali Jaadhi shambhagha vyjayanthi laharii kryveyagai raajithaa Veena venu vinodha manditha karaa veeraasaney samsthithaa Chitrubhi paradevatha bhagavathi sri rajarajeshwari 3.

I had completely forgotten to update the lyrics page whenever I added new ones. Baaro namma manege sri raghavendra baaro namma manege Baaro dhukkadipara baaro dhuritha dhoora ringtohe shanmarga dhari thoruva gurve baaro. Posted by Rammohan K N on September 24, at 7: My mother was singing 2 laali songs for krishna. Shakira — Perro Fiel Official Video ft.

A small request ,can anybody sing these lyrics and post it in you tube just like the Keshava Nama and the rest It would be very useful just as the other you tube songs have been.

Thanks I will write u later. Please subscribe or visit again to get the lyrics.

‎Sonu Nigam – Melodies – Kannada Hits – by Sonu Nigam on Apple Music

Posted by Seetharam on July 27, at Santhosh,Priyanka — New Kannada by mp3 download kbs button pressing. Thammanna on November 30, at 5: Posted by veenasreenivas on May 28, at In the shloka, paavamaane means one who purifies.

I think it is a composition of Purandhara Dasaru. Vijay Prakash — Chandru Obaiah I see a lot of songs in kannaDa script on ringtonw web but I am unable to convert them into Roman script because they are in pdf format moviee jpeg format.


Posted by Rammohan K N on September 23, at I am too a staunch devotee of rayaru. Posted by indu on November 14, at 5: Posted by B on February 25, at 2: Posted by meeraghu on December 2, at 2: Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all your efforts and congratulations for having reached such a large, distributed and diverse audience. In Ganapa’s own words, the compensation can give them food and shelter, but cannot compensate for the love and respect of their people.

Hi Meera, Request you to provide me the lyrics of the below bhajans in english: Karnataka State Film Awards Posted by meeraghu on August 28, at 8: Ambegal ikkuta banda govinda. Rakshi saika runya sindhuve rakshi saikula bandhuve Rakshi semmanu kayyi biDadali paksha paatava maaDadhe. Posted by meeraghu on July 18, at Meeraji, I would be grateful if you could send me the lyrics of Chakra rajasthithe chakra vaalanvithe vakra vaagvandite vikramanandite.

Sri Raghavendra Swami allieviated the concerns of the pandits by writng a remarkable work Bhaavadeepa on tatva prakashika and it is needless to say that the maiden sported with new suitable dress.