The movie is more or less what you would expect it is with one or two exceptions. It all seemed too rushed Hopefully, it is a sign of exciting things to come from Northern Ireland. But the girl is at a club, so there are going to be a ton of disappointed cokeheads tonight. The only saving grace in the script is that at least the people who shouldn’t believe the plot, don’t. Essentially, this film is mixture of poor acting, dull cinematography and a script that, despite a few good pieces of dialogue, is both confusing and simplistic in equal measure. I’ve just watched this at Frightfest festival and to be honest I think it’s a really good movie. The biggest problem with this movie is that it always focuses front and center on the Arielle Kebbel character, without ever really developing any of the other folks in the core group.

I had to smile when she tells the cop near the end “In a heartbeat. The, Asian influenced, imagery makes the most of the hospital setting and adds to the dark, claustrophobic tone. For like 5 minutes, I actually loved the movie though. A group of potential doctors are caught doing drugs by a local man with a stuttering problem. Plus, I am really getting sick of being treated like an idiot when I watch horror movies. By having the famous 18 logo people expect vicious killings. Other than that, you get a series of murders, all very predictable, with very few real thrills and a predictable ending.

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Considering what is happening in horror movies these days, this movie is rather remarkable for the restraint it shows. Some decent violence, though.

He apparently enters people’s brains, takes control and has them kill for him. Catherine and the remaining students must find a way to stop Kenneth’s rage from beyond conciousness before another stranger carries out his will under a mysterious and violent influence. It’s as if they are possessed and it may be Kenneth who thanks to the trial meds gained some type of power. In order to cover their butts and keep their scholarships, they invite the man to join them, sending him into a coma after the drugs hit him the wrong way.

The two main standouts being Arielle Kebbel fresh off her stint in The Uninvited emerging as a likable and believable heroine that, despite being mixed up in a bad group, only wants whats best and shows sympathy towards Kenneth.


I really cannot recommend this film, which is a real shame as I was hoping it would deliver so much more. Many turn out disappointing.

Red Mist () aka Freakdog

He has made a video of med students appropriating some party pharmaceuticals. There’s gore and several nasty deaths, but these shots are never gratuitous. Modern British Horror Films from The sole member of the group with a bit of a conscious, usually the one who insists at first on calling the police, still has a slight chance of survival.

The culprits who were immediately prepared to ditch the dead guy usually die first and most painfully. The biggest problem with this movie is that it always focuses front and center on the Arielle Kebbel character, without ever sppoiler developing any of the other folks in the core group. While only slightly gory, the film does sport good instances of brutality and unsettling scenes that apoiler off well considering the context. The pacing is off and the film takes too spoilwr of a body-count tone to it later on as most of the characters simply wind up dead with no reasoning behidn the deaths.

Carrie of course, was a pioneer film in the “shunned outcast gets revenge” subgenre and other films like “I know What you did Last Summer” present the “irresponsible accident that comes back to haunt the perpetrators” storyline. So, i definitely spolier this flick to die hard horror fans!! I was on eBay looking for another movie and someone was selling that one plus this, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s too bad all the little nuances of his performance don’t echo through this movie.

In fact, the deaths come so quick that some characters actually completely vanish from the film only to turn up dead later on as either an ATF kill or on a surveillance video in one case. The idea for the plot though is stupid.

So, if you don’t like her, you will hate this flick. I would not recommend it to the hard core horror freaks but to those who like a good suspense with a little horror twist.


Jason X Vacancy 2: Coventry 3 October The, Asian influenced, imagery makes the most of the hospital setting and adds to the dark, claustrophobic tone. The students drop Kenneth on the street to avoid any connection with them.

Freakdog () – Plot Summary – IMDb

Sean convinces his colleagues that Kenneth is a liability to their futures and prepares a drink with drugs to give to Kenneth expecting to delete the footage from the cellular.

The film centres around a group of young medical students who, while out partying one night, spike the drink of a loner colleague, the severely disturbed Kenneth cruelly nicknamed ‘Freakdog’ by most of the group. Instead it’s spends way too much time trying to explain it’s pseudo-science. We’ve seen it before and it’s really nothing new. A lot of people havn’t enjoyed this one but I was fairly impressed. The ‘gore quota’ includes – skull crushing, stabbing, self mutilation, and a particularly nasty acid guzzling incident.

Putting Arielle Kebbel in the lead was brilliant.

Now in a coma, the man gets his revenge by possessing thief bodies and killing them slasher-style. Being a geek myself I watched without prejudice Red Mist. Doctors in training decide to party it up one night. The acting performances are decent, especially from Arielle Kebbel and Andrew Lee Potts, but these freshly faced twenty-something hunks and babes seriously don’t look like future doctors or surgeons.

Number of medical student on there first day at the Jobs at the hospital and later they decide to club after the hard day at work. Apparently this movie was filmed in Ireland although you can’t tell, there are no outdoor scenes.

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No scares, no shock, no point. The director also knows how to film her.

I didn’t pay that much attention. This is an underappreciated gem.