A The subject matter was very interesting to me but I have to say that if A’isha was Muhammed’s favourite wife, it didn’t much show in his behaviour. If I was more familiar with the subject, I may have rated the book only 3 stars since it often read like a a romantic novel. Dragica je ideolosko-politicka, nacionalisticka pripovijest bez znacaja, ona je sve samo ne knjizevno djelo. I can’t read enough about that! An employee of the theater stated, “The film we screened was titled The Innocence of Bin Laden “, and added that it was a “small viewing”. He tells her that she needs to discover that for herself. To je bio Petar Zvicer. In a translation provided by the ADL, the poster stated it would reveal “the real terrorist who caused the killing of our children In Palestine, and our brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan”, [56] a phrase that has been used by Palestinians to protest U.

I hadn’t heard anything about the book when I bou I was hesitant to read this book because it hasn’t gotten great reviews. SAVO im baci bombu u kola. If I have one criticism for Sherry Jones, it is that I could not quite go along with Aisha’s descriptions of romantic love and sex – they seemed a tad romance-novel-esque for a young girl’s perspective on a man old enough to be her grandfather. Although this review paints a somewhat bleak picture, The Jewel of Medina was not a terrible book. Sliku koju dostavljam poslao mi je Dr Aleks. You have entered an incorrect email address! Historical fiction telling the tale of Muhammad’s third and most favorite wife.

This was a better written book and somewhat enjoyable but I doubt, having seen a few reviews, that I will read the companion volume The Sword of Medina or indeed anything more from this author. In a way, this depiction made Muhammad look manipulative and crafty. So much of the media is focused on criticisms of fundamentalism, that people forget there are moderate muslims who deserve respect and compassion as much as anyone else.


Don’t look to this book to tell you a lot about Islam, Muhammad, or the ancient Middle East. Tako da prijatelji svakako nismo…. Film in the United States portal s portal Islam portal Freedom of speech portal. Retrieved February 14, We didn’t know what it was about because we can’t read Arabic.

Mina Ćurčić: Velika Albanija i “kosovska“ zastava

Ali muhamedaa tome drugi neki put. They are similar in content. Garcia had believed during production that she was appearing in a film called Desert Warriorwhich was described as a “historical Arabian Desert adventure film”, and was unaware that anti-Islamic material would be added at the post-production stage.

But think of the time period 8th century A. However it does a decent job of illustrating what life might have been like in 7th century Arabia, especially from the perspective of a young woman. I thought she made A’isha out to be a very human figure, which made her very easy to relate to, and I also think she did a pretty good job with the other figures of early Islam, making sure to depict them as other sources always have.

This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat The book also had a nice flow, with little to no awkwardness in the elements of the storytelling. She was evidently quite an extraordinary woman. Empire of Faith Innocence of Muslims Islam: Trivia About The Jewel of Muahmeda.

Innocence of Muslims – Wikipedia

Preview — Dragulj Medine by Sherry Jones. In fact, he seemed a bit wishy-washy and irresolute. Svjedoci smo kulminacije paradoksa. But tied up in these protestations protvi the story of a lusty man amassing a harem of women. It appeared well-researched but I am not convinced of the writer’s skills in storytelling.


If I was more familiar with the subject, I may have rated the book only 3 stars fllm it often read like a a romantic novel. GawkerSeptember 12, Kirkpatrick September 12, In Prtivin an en banc opinion, the Ninth Circuit reversed the panel’s decision, vacating the order for the preliminary injunction. Srpska Vlada je razdijelila povodom toga He also stated that film was edited afterwards without Media’s involvement.

Carter September 14, The New York Times.

I can’t read enough about that! As A’isha grows from child to woman, the new religion of Islam, under Muhammad’s care, grows with her.

It was at least a bit interesting, on the fact of being purely fiction. There’s a lot of jealousy and bad feelings in this book.

An okay book that tells the story of early Islam. Beaufort Books published the book in the U. Retrieved September 13, Sherry Jones is an American journalist and internationally best selling author of the controversial “The Jewel of Medina” and other historical fiction novels about women’s power. I would love to see folm similar novel dealing with the progoka when he was married to Khadija, his first wife.

Necu vise citati Njegosa i Kralja Nikolu da bih muhamrda svoju proslost, no cu citati verziju koju prepricavaju po svojoj mjeri jevrem brkovic, Adzic, serbo rastoder i ostali dukljanski skribomani koji su dobro placeni da pisu cijele biblioteke svoje nistarije. Labud Dragic je bio obavezan kad pominje konkretne istorijskke dogadjaje i konkretne licnosti da slijedi istorijske cinjenice i relevantne izvore.

As a reader, I never saw him as a forceful personal leader. Return to Book Page.