I’m at Ep 7 now. And if he wants to even more than that……and then Ki Joon loses his train of thought. You are pretty, successful, with a great family background, why the hell you are you asking crumbs of love from a person who obviously does not love you anymore. I will have to look at it. Anyhoo, Ki Joon was so cheesily, giddily in love its hysterical to watch him going all the way to woo his Ah jung. I also feel the most important aspect of the drama is the romance. I was rolling with laughter reading this and thanks for making the comments thread great fun! She has no choice but to head to a meeting in his stead.

Ah Jung smiles and nods. Did I hear right? Posted October 22, It could Only mean 1 thing…. Ah Jung heads out of the house with her luggage only to find Ki Joon waiting for her outside. I guess you are MooMoo? How could you not? Of course he will never defeat our heros!

And let’s not forget that his hand was injured as well from the initial attempts to help Min Jae. Then idk if Asparagus actes good or just enough but his lines really get me, all dramacdazy things he say is either funny or hatefull but I like the words he uses.

Back Street Boys Song: These guys are basically political assassins. They start raging at Manager Park, who stands up and tells everyone that they should have their resignation letters ready.

I thought it was a pretty cute song. She has a few whips, and leather that help!! Slow and hot since Ah Jung did ask for slow. We know this show is not perfect. I agree with you observation on Dramacrrazy Hee.

Yi San – Episode 77 English subtitles | Watch online and Download free on FastDrama

I can understand the gist of most convo now thank god. And why SJ loves her is pretty obviously not just her face. I can’t watch episode 12 until tomorrow afternoon episoe I could be wrong by then. Because, in this one, you are screwed!! I just love how these two are living out a melodrama all by themselves, hee.


I can forgive them for that. Things that didn’t quite go down well with me: I don’t know if you’re dpisode sci-fi fan or familiar with Firefly, but a similar situation existed with the movie that finished off the cancelled-too-soon series. I see Ki Joon and Ah Jung as balancing the dichotomy of their own personality in exactly opposite ways.

But Judging Ep 11, I guess, It went well.

Mo-yeon arrives to help them, but Chi-hoon seems a bit frantic by now. Her boss finds out the person dining with the Swn is Hyun Ki Joon and wants to go say hello, but is stopped by Ah Jung who says that everyone looks busy over there discussing important matters. Skip to primary content. Ah Jung is congratulated by everyone for successfully pulling off this event.

Another issue Epiosde had was when LCH jumped to hold the patient without any protective gear. I want to lurve him!! Hell get lose and it is a train wreck!! Eepisode her fever saj, and he lifts her back to bed. Again as I posted, you see the same thing trying to happen to Dae Young. Thanks for the recap it was very entertaining, Koala. Adal April 1, at For Argus to betray everyone is more about SJ’s feeling than anything about Argus, who is basically a stereotypical villain with no other motivation but being evil.

I completely agree with everything javabeans said last week about how good it was to have drsmacrazy medical case that finally impacts our main characters in a way that seems relevant and interesting.


Minn April 3, at 4: The awfully stupid nonsense, not showing their true feelings. All of us fans were outraged that we were never told the background of the mysterious Rev. Thats to transport us into a fluffy paradise of dreamy heart-palpitating romances where smoochy kisses abound amidst ridiculously but oooh-so-delicious love gestures ,WITHOUT killing any leads off or worse,give us the anti-climax of not ending up together!

Ki Joon sits her down and snaps his fingers to episose the lighting, music, and summon the servers.

Understood and completely agree. Truth being told, he lied!! I was too, but then ep. It was going pretty well then the inevitable happened. Argus life was saved at the expense of someone SJ really cared about and to see how he turned out makes it obvious his commander died in for no reason. He pulls over and runs to her, but a shot rings out and the girl collapses, hit in the leg.

No scratch that, I do know. Today Was a Fairytale. I was rolling with laughter reading this and thanks for making the comments thread great fun!

Episode 12

Of course not, couples meet, go to movies, hold hands, then kiss. Ki Joon walks up to the ladies and says hello to So Ran.

Ki Joon lays back down and Ah Jung follows suits. I can call my family now.