We have heaps of korean movies on the site for people to watch or download for free. I soooo appreciate it seph… I promise to allot time to update this every now and then. I was like that when I was starting to watch the movies… For twitter accounts, I think some have… Check those who I followed I believe they are there. It only shoots to people with mutual feelings to each other. Years of watching Dexter and Criminal Minds, I thought I have all of it figured out when it comes to socio and psychopaths, but this movie surprisingly amazed and amused me. It was a beautiful love story, the solid portrayal was there, but the connection of the lead couple was missing.

I laughed for a minute in the scene when she is already comfortable with the housework and volunteered on cleaning the soy sauce jars, she chants happily and then when she saw the hundreds of jars, my laughter erupts big time. Most girls can relate to the story of these ladies. I loved how Choi Kang-hee acted her role in Protect the Boss, but with the two movies of her that I saw, I was not won by her portrayals, but I do like the geeky lead man here, well anyone geek is good for me you see. It was not appealing for me but if you really like Lee Min Ki, maybe you can just focus on his face when it becomes boring. Ji-ho has liked Min-woo since High School. I completely agree with u abby, its was highly anticipated, but the ending kind of killed it off for me, the sisters have never missed the mark before, but it seems no one can have a perfect career. Not being able to lead a normal life because of his excessive drive to follow rules he set for himself, he resorted to conniving with an aspiring singer who is a friend of his crush to give a shot in his new found feeling of romance. Time element executed perfectly.

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It was also interesting to see there are actual agencies that help people find matches. Like I said i recommend whole heartily. It is a romance of a convicted murderer with an emotionally disturbed woman at a wrong place and time with the right intentions and love.


Ps how are you finding http: I believe that you are my Kababayan? Thank you sunbae for reminding viki… i mocie watch and download at dramaload… check out that website too… happy weekend!

It was not appealing for me but if you really like Lee Min Ki, maybe you can just focus on his face when it becomes boring. A man from a wealthy family who should be in his second drammacrazy of college, is still finishing his highschool requirements. Ji-ho has liked Min-woo since High School. Lee Byung Hun oppa won me over in both his comic and serious personas, although the comedic side was more lingering to me.

Then a faint ray of light emerged, and the story suddenly happened, after another 10 minutes it became pitch black. What made this movie appealing to me was the exemplary portrayals of the cast and the funny Joseon monarchy customs.

Thank you so much for posting this review website. I start watching Korean movies just recently and I am just in love with it! RIGHT… you proven me wrong kkrean my belief that all men are the same. The water scene when the horse jockey and the horse first created their connection was full of warmth. I dont have much friends and i cant go out as much as i wanted to.

Thanks for this wonderful list i love korean movies…. It was a rom-com but the romance was slightly baked. A comic relief considering its befitting plot, nevertheless it was still amusing and entrancing.

Jong-jong Kang Jeong-hun Yeon Her being young and the I-am-a-married-high-school-girl made this movie so charming.

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Most girls can relate to the story of these ladies. I have that list over there. Albeit the despondent tone, for me it did not mar the ruminative effect of the film. A man and a woman engaged in a romance as they exchanged love letters and leaving it inside a mail box. I am in Manila Lynn unnie. We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover.


This daddy-daughter-love film was a heart-wrenching picture that sent me to tear-land. In the middle of Korean war, soldiers from North and South ended up in a remote village. Lee Byung Hun morean did action films so it was a breather when he suited up the role for this romcom delight. I have been addicted watching Kdramas for almost half a year now.

Confession of Murder Movie Recap. Too bad for the time difference.

You might want to try dramacrazy. It could be easily overlooked given the riveting fight scenes and the amusing characters that have played their roles to the fullest, but I really felt something inadequate when the movie ended.

It was a fair watch but I was not amused by it. Cheon-ji, a young lady in Middle school committed suicide because of depression from the unfair treatment she is getting from her classmates specifically from the only friend she has who talks behind her back.

When he learned that the girl was the real wife of the murdered husband, the detective will investigate a case in which he was unluckily framed up. Though a simple love story its strength lies in how it makes you rethink the whole movie again, unpredictable storyline and gives importance to every scene in the movie and also makes you realize that there is too much love around even the one which we do not know about or are just overlooking them.

DramaCracy, fondly known by its fans as DC anounced that they would be atking the site down, no real explination has been given as of yet, there are now many fans who do not know where to go to get their daily fix.