On the other hand Dr. Arman try to contact Shashank but fails. Yuvi saves an old couple from an accident, the couple blesses him. He is a serious man now and tells that love and romance is now out of Sanjeevani. Abhimanyu finds a notice letter in his cabin from the investors and calls the concerned person and gets worried. On the very moment when Nikita and Abhmanyu come closer to kiss, Armaan reaches there.

On the other hand Nikita gives her presentation but does not succeed in impressing the health minister. Later on she asks Abhimanyu the reason as to why he chose her from all interns. Patil disconnect all land lines and jams mobile networks. He is holding a rose flower like Shehzaad Salim. On the other hand, Dr. Rids comes in way to save Armaan from getting killed as the bullet hits her. Shashank asks Abhimanyu that to ward off police he will have to send either Jiah or Nikki out of Sanjeevani. Riddhima finds a new man in Sanjeevani, a conman called Doogie.

Rahul and Muskaan meet each other after a long time. Nikita is disturbed as Dr Abhimanyu does not dance with her.

Epiisode that time Abhimanyu asks Nikkita as to why she cried during the fight.

The office staff requests Ridhima not to go. Ridhima and the two masked boys are taking patient on the stretcher through lobby, muski sees them. Nikki stands all alone.

Dill Mill Gayye – Episode 448

Atul disheartened goes and sits over there. At the Sanjeevani an emergency case arises where Armaan fails to treat a serious patient and Riddhima misunderstands him. Riddhima is missing Armaan in her room.


Nikki and Abhi on terrace where Nikki discuss about their future. On the very moment when Nikita and Abhmanyu come closer to kiss, Armaan reaches there. Umar bhai asks Riddhima whether she has got the gifts or not. On Atul lying that the gifts are sent by Armaan for Ridhima, Dr. Jiah comes to Nikki with a dagger. Shashank asks Abhimanyu that to ward off police he will have to send either Jiah or Nikki out of Sanjeevani.

Armaan starts assisting Riddhima.

Dill Mill Gayye Season 9 Episode

Jiah sends flowers to Abhi. Riddhima apologies to Armaan for suspecting him.

Shashank enters the hospital and is nostalgic. Abhimanyu drinks the sharbat which Nikita made for Sumanlata and faints.

On her way to meet Abhimanyu, Nikita meets Armaan and he tells her to take care of herself. Janta TV news channel covers latest news in politics, entertainment, Bollywood, business and sports.

Abhimanyu forgets to get a file for the presentation and has to hear from Mr. Niki is walking looking at some files in her hands. Jiah raises her finger towards Nikki. Armaan, along with all the other boys, enters in no time and takes the cops outside in order to pay them and Ridhima witnesses the scene, but does not see Armaan around so goes in search of him and sees him giving the ring to Bubbly.

Dr Abhimanyu and Dr Armaan challenge mio other for a knock out boxing fight. Riddhima takes care of Armaaan and Nikkita takes care of Abhimanyu. Armaan feels that because of Riddhima, he lost the fight and if she would not have distracted him then he would epsiode won. Nikki episdoe to Abhi and asks him to address new interns. Subscribe To Our Channel: Arman is asking for lift as they all left him at home and his phone is with dad.


Naina pakaos a man to be her prospect groom selected by her father. You gzye not play video if your browser is not HTML5 browser. Abhi tries to talk about their relation.

Dill Mill Gayye_23rd April 09 Part 1 Episode 340

Armaan answers smartly saying, Dr. Arman gets engaged to Ridhima in the ward. Abhi tells Nikki that they will be together forever. She follows and goes to the Admin Room and exchanges the file.

Seeing this Abhimanyu takes the chance and hits Armaan hard and wins the fight. Abhi gets a call from his lawyer saying that Jiah has refused for the divorce.

On the other hand Ridhima spisode her team manage to complete all the preparations for the wedding as none of the workers turned up.

Armaan keeps on flirting with all. The fight starts with no rules and regulations. Riddhima is in trouble.

Seeing this she leaves the pub angrily. Riddhima tells Armaan that Nikita loves Abhimanyu and he should let her live her life on her own terms. Armaan is sitting all alone lost in his thoughts. Tamanna is hurt and cries but Sid makes fun of her.