This is really weird. At the same moment, Aelita and Ulrich are detranslated! As explained above, it is able to send out shockwaves and change into Supersmoke. Remember that after Lyoko’s destruction, the Artificial Intelligence set about getting rid of Franz Hopper. While fighting Ulrich, he gets his zweihander stuck in the icy ground and is unable to pull it out. Finally, his sword can also turn to smoke. Taking advantage of a moment of rest, Yumi asks Odd the question: Larger and more imposing than the Navskids, the Rorkal also fires torpedoes.

On the Network, William pilots a vessel called the Rorkal. At the factory, the heroes leave in the Skid for the new Replika. Da, if you say so, comrade! Looks something like a military base. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him not to do such stupid things to get her attention. We also note his incredible jump from the top to the bottom of the Core Room during episode Seizing the opportunity, they try to get out of the room. Indeed, after Lyoko’s destruction, the heroes had reached a new level of skill in virtual combat that made the missions almost boring.

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Coming to Kadic as a simple outsider to Ulrich in his relationship with Yumi, he became more and more of precious help to the heroes, the newest Lyoko Warrior and finally XANA’s Lieutenant. But his plan fails: You get my drift now, William? Only too late, as usual!


Evolution 1 – XANA 2. Driven by instinct, it orders the original to leave Jeremy alone and charges.

To conclude, William’s Xanafication also had important repercussions on the heroes’ objectives and the realisation of XANA’s plans: Oh no, my Overboard! This comes naturally with what we’ve just said, however we must also note the double positive impact of William’s arrival on the fight scenes in the series: We see him go into the Network twice on board his Rorkal to confront the heroes alongside Kongres and Sharks.

William is not yet defeated.

With William, this bad point is corrected. At the school, Jeremy solves this by calling the principal while pretending to be William’s father, and then creates a clone with William’s appearance. The base at Roswell?

Odd about the new monster: On the Replika, everything also seems to be going well: But after the destruction of Lyoko, William changes In the playground, another nasty surprise is awaiting the Japanese girl. XANA also uses William for its usual objectives: About the characters – Discovery of a photo of a younger Yumi in ridiculous clothing. Another Replika mission for our heroes. Excited, Jeremy agrees, complimenting Aelita’s smarts. Like with Megatank lasers, only Aelita’s energy field can counter it.


Code Lyoko saison 4 ├ępisode 81 VF

Your localisation program works like a charm! William has all the qualities of a good villain: Curiously in the hangar, Odd and Yumi fight brilliantly.

Odd seeing Yumi use her telekinesis: At the same moment, Aelita and Ulrich are detranslated! Oh, which one are you, the good guy or the bad guy? Another one bites the dust! Well that takes care of that! They easily find and enter the Replika: Well two can play at that game!

Aelita enters the tower and steals the data. The clone leads the two budding reporters to the factory. On board their Navskids, they dominate them without much difficulty!