After witnessing a monstrous miscarriage of justice he quits that job. An excellent starting point to understand such great Aussie films like the tracker and rabbit proof fence. It is as hard-hitting and making as powerful a statement on in-bred racism there is and is without doubt a five star classic. Overall, not a premium presentation but it is pleasing to see this Aussie masterwork on Blu-ray. We attribute it to racism or, as the Brits call it, racialism. This was a highly disturbing look at post-colonial Australian society and our attitudes to the indigenous Australians.

The tone of the story is fairly bleak, explicit and uneasy. It comes across as one grand epic and a very good one too. That’s actually based on real events. Not as devastating as Rabbit Proof Fence but nonetheless a tragic testimony to the effects of racism and ethnic abuse. It’s some pretty shameful shit when you sit down and think about it. Jimmy Blacksmith is a handsome, cheerful young man, half white and half Australian Aborigine, industrious and polite. This film of the same name attempts to capture the poignancy and strength of the original classic novel.

I just don’t understand why. The teacher is the unusual person who cares even to think about the problem of racial oppression and how it can lead to violence. Stunning film, a visual treat, the violence seems to be almost happening, which makes it more shocking than many a more bloody film I’ve seen. This is a fine example of the breed of excellent Australian films released in the s during the Australian film renaissance it’s interesting to note that virtually all of the directors of these films, including director Fred Schepisi, later moved to the U.

Audible Download Audio Books. Find More Posts by dallywhitty. I realize that things may be different in Australia now and this chapter of their history may be only a part of their past but as an African American I double that.

Find More Posts by Monroville. The tone of the story is fairly bleak, explicit and uneasy. Watch our Facebook page for updates on the release date and more. Well it gets better anyway, but I won’t give away the whole plot in case you actually want to watch the movie. One person found this helpful.


English Subtitles for The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith

I fired off a query to Umbrella last week, asking when we kf see this one on the shelves. Then he takes a position with the local police where he obligingly executes the sybtitles, even against his own people. Then, around half-way in, all this pent-up anger boiling up inside the civilised and decent Jimmie erupts. Available on Prime The Shame. Available to watch on supported devices. It is as hard-hitting and making as powerful a statement on in-bred racism there is and is without doubt a five pf classic.

It is true that Aborigines were generally considered inferior at the time, and that there was some racism going on. Without much adumbration, there is an explosion of violence involving axe murders and shootings of men, women, and children. I hope that is the case, since the movie deals with topics of such gravity that it would be a sin to rewrite the history to any great extent.

So I swung by the facebook page to see if they had any news and was rewarded with this: There’s a real sense of the epic, with cinematic hints and nods to Nicolas Roeg’s ‘Walkabout’, with the natural geography, fauna and the culture all vividly brought to life, superbly filmed by Ian Baker. The language used to describe the aboriginal natives is as coarse and racist as you’ll find suvtitles any gritty 70’s set LA cop show and for that aubtitles is both upsetting and rather embarrassing, but at least goes to show the leaps and bounds humankind has largely made on this issue, since.

Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. Jimmy takes on fence building at a couple of farms and both times he is given less compensation than agreed on and then given the boot. Is it morally justified to use violence against a corrupt, racist, violent system in which there are no lawful means to receive justice? He goes and chops up a couple of women and young girls with an axe.


The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith

Looking to gain respectability in European society Jimmy finds a white bride while performing back-breaking work on local farms but cannot escape his skin colour, suffering ongoing racism and oppression. The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Would really like to see this one with an isolated score track.

Available on Prime Bad Blood. A whole host of improvements. Apart from that, don’t bother watching this. A powerful story, well done in film. Or do they decide to kill blafksmith then figure out the most logical reasons for feeling the way they do? You’ll have to work at it. The score is great too.

Available on Prime Namatjira Project. Classic Aussie history film. But this film ruthlessly exaggerates it to prove a point, which appears to be that white society is a corrupter of black people.

And that is not easy, since Jimmy and Mort are skilled at moving about the countryside, being able to move fast and cover their tracks. I don’t think I want to get into the plot too much. This causes the down ward spiral for Jimmie, as he can’t take any more of it. It blaxksmith imperfect occasionally looking weaker in-motion. Originally Posted by Dickieduvet. TheP presentation is in the 2.

Life of Pi Does that legitimize what he is doing? There’s a problem loading this menu right now. CLICK to order from: Discovering that he may not be the father of his wife’s child, and fired without pay, Jimmy explodes in a fury of violent revenge and escapes into the bush with his brother Mort, cutting a bloody path of retribution upon the society that has forsaken him.