How easy, how flat. He’s destined for a lonely road because he took that top position? Not that he didn’t love her, but she wasn’t the most important. I’m not a corporate person. I do hope it comes true. This is one drama, where the character role upstaged the lead role, kudos to the story line but more so because Kim woo bin played the role to a tee. Ridiculously high-priced for a ridiculous thingy.

He is the hero of this drama?? Tan and Young-do look out over the city from the rooftop, each lost in thought over his father. I can’t believe I spent 20 hours watching this. Faye “The Chairman Daddy volte-face was too abrupt for me to explain logically. It had its faults, but the writer and actors really made me care about these people. I will miss this show terribly.

Thanks to you, I know that I was sane, and as you said, I did feel that YD was making ES more personal, kind of like more close to him, when he called her like that, in front of her mom. KT wants to claim the rights that Eun-sangii is only for him alone to call and no one else, but KT.

But KA Tan mom is. His story was sad but his growth and redemption are realistic. My subs had ES say “no,” before she stuck her tongue out I could see that part and ran off. I did like that I learned a lot, while watching it, because I asked a lot of questions, and I was very engaged, and other beanies benefited as well, which was good.


I am actually glad like really glad the drama is over, so I can move on with my life.

I completely agree with your overall assessment of the show. Agree that the party would have been a better starting point. Thanks to the recappers. I scratch my head over that! She represents something they’re both not used to. Was it because he wanted her to like him romantically and he knew it would not happen?

Won might not have been technically forced to marry the girl, but the plot was written in such a way that monstwr was the only option to save the company. Woooo I agree too.

Other than that, it makes no sense to push for this arranged marriage. Did I love this show? I would like to apologize 1st: Hello Eileen, So good to hear from you! V December 14, at 6: Dan sinopsis lengkapnya nonstar baca disini. Yes, this still goes on today, and yes, in the U.

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He never wanted to be involved in the company. He asks how Hyo-shin could just up and go to army without even graduating high school or letting anyone know, but Hyo-shin says it was all he could think of to buy some time and distance from his parents. Epissode was obsessive, abrupt, and so bossy to her, but I just love that Love is the Moment look in his eyes when he stared at her. I think the original script did have a suicide or in the least suicide epusode. I really liked how we had a broad spectrum of mothers in the show.


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Something like showing them gathered as young children for a playdate. Your email address will not be published. A March 31, at 9: ES turned out to be the lease interesting in the last episode and Won the most pitiful as the one who remained a prisoner in his own life, but it jonstar believable as his character. Did you sleep with him? Startulle – Nice comments! Yes, I tend to immerse myself fully into a drama, when Episoee watch it.

I also love KT and ES couple but i wish they just dont focus much on love is pain thing but still looking forward to Lee Min ho and Park shin hye’s next project, i hope this will be LMH last highschool student role i want to see him in action drama like in city hunter, i really hope there will be city hunter season 2. I totally just snorted!

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No wonder YD was messed up. I guess I was invested in the show some because this ticked me off.

Also thanks to many of you with whom I enjoyed posting.