This group being a vocal, sometimes very vocal, minority in the greater group of fans. I’m not a overly attached fan of Miante, but I certainly enjoy the concept and everything around the idea. Many of the users are redditors though so just tag them and ask what you like and depending on who it is there’s a good chance you’ll get a reply. Mianite has a sort ot memetic magic but at the time i believe it was just any other series to me. I just have one more question. In the end, you’re not Jordan, you state many times that you’re a fan as well.

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. I was awe struck at the idea of being a part of it. It’s also worth noting that Jordan himself has told us on multiple videos that he would be happy to continue Mianite. If a fan or fans wants to write fan fiction envisioning their own conclusion then I wish them all the power in the world to do so. There were special moments, and there was some story and lore quite frequently made up on the spot, or do you not remember ‘MechaDianite’? This type of argument can be both true, and false at the same time, as you no doubt know. But after episode 85 , the uncut episodes are posted to CS2, with the trimmed down versions replacing the majority of the playlist.

I found that out after binging on S1 through Jardon’s perspective.

Mianite: Real talk : CaptainSparklez

What an amazing way to put it. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

It isn’t worth it. Yo, big dawg, u can watch all the Mianite season 1 and 2 episodes uncut on the main channel. Submit a new link. It would be nice to know how it ends, at the eo least.


I generally figure if someone wants to ask me acptainsparklez they can ask here, ask in my Discord, or ask in my livestreams. Alternatively, you can mark specific episodes like this.

Minecraft Mianite: DATING IANITE? (S2 Ep. 53)

Use of this site constitutes 1 of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I address a very specific group, and I let the reader decide for themselves whether they’re part of it. I was curious how long I could keep Sparklez working at it before he just tried the lever.

You invest yourself in a concept and idea that has been romanticized way, waaaaay beyond what the series ever actually was. Now, why is this better? The appeal of S1 was that they did it to have fun, sseason to appeal to their viewers. It is true that there is a small group of viewers who feel very strongly about the Mianite series. We still don’t know what happened after they went through the portal. There was always that stupid meme, but me, the reason I started working on and writing an actual third season script, was simply because the story felt unfinished.

Alternatively, if it were who stepped in and said “I’m sorry, I just don’t see it happening, too much time has passed, or I don’t have the interest any more” then people would likely step back and go “ah, okay.

Filters Alright, what’s going on dudes and welcome to the CaptainSparklez subreddit! Season 1 was never a twitch thing, he only streamed Season 2. Side note, am I the only one getting flashbacks of Israphel? It started as a joke.

At times the story not entirely allowing them to play how they wanted was one of many factors that added up to the point where the series was cancelled. Got an idea for a new user flair? The story was unfinished, and maybe, just maybe, I could do something about that. Its a game guys and games die, like everything else there would always be an ending. I agree, despite having the same although mild obsession, I understand that we have taken it to a point where by begging for it, it’s almost LESS likely for it to happen.


Just started watching Mianite for the first time, question. : CaptainSparklez

I’m not seeing any dissenting opinion here, and if there is, it’d probably just be downvoted. Yes, I have editors. Daptainsparklez still find people making FA! Let those of us actually working on a proposal do so, and do not prejudge our work, tossing it aside as the writings of some childish fanboys who just want another season.

Honestly I think the mods should remove posts relating to it at this point.

That’s why I joined mianite realms so im in a mianite server Captainzparklez im good on that end. In the past year, we’ve gone from maybe subscribers to almost 14k subscribers.

I’m not a overly attached fan of Miante, but I certainly enjoy the concept and miaite around the idea. Dianite and Mianite were nothing more than excuses and every viewer knew that.

Season 2 Episode – [ It’s hard to let go sometimes of fond memories viewed through rose-colored glasses.