Lol, like the way KT changes in one second in and out of his uniform and BM clothes Those who wish to fight for the independence of the Great Han [Korea], follow us! Go get married and make babies! Was it you hyung? Chun Ho Jin Supporting Cast. There is a photo of choi and Taro. And how there were never one single boring moment.

K keeps driving away At a school, kids are singing as S plays the organ and sings with them. Goji says choi and taro had this kind of relationship. Damsari and his fellows wonder if Dan would be able to get away from Kang To enough to be able to meet Gaksital. I believe this is the first time I had been hooked on a drama on the first 10 minutes. K and others are cheering and drinking. She heads to the forest as Kang To goes into Gaksital mode. Why do I feel like Ueno just made a deadly rage machine even deadlier? Kimura tells Jo not to worry-everything will be arranged and Jo heads off to get the contracts.

D I felt that Shunji’s road to redemption started with that torturous maks of Kang-to a few episodes ago. I just love this series.

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That sends everyone into a frenzy and Jo sets up himself as the nice loan shark ready to help people out with loans in their troubled times. K looks and sees the girl. I can only see a tragic ending. So, it’s easy for me to believe that he felt for Kang-To more than Kang-To felt for him. Why do I feel like Ueno just made a deadly rage machine even deadlier?


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I know how and why he got how he is, and it just breaks my heart in a thousand pieces. Weddings are supposed to happen at the end of the series, right?

I know one has absolutely nothing to do with the other but still Please do a good job Lol, like the way KT changes in one second in and out of his uniform and BM clothes He leaves bridsl she asks where he is going.

Choi Woong Supporting Cast. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He says it must be painful to Rie to lose him. WHy Shunji is the one who should apolagize just because His family wrong doing? I bet if we make a charity one it would totally happen!!!

K watches and smiles. Huhuhu I’m so conflicted! So, when Kang-To was seeking revenge for his family’s death, the writers should have shown him being btidal about it. You want to harbor that hope in him, at the same time that you want to make him drop the delusion and see the light. Kim Young Hoon Supporting Cast. The rating was I hate Shunji, but man did I feel bad when Kang-to killed his father.


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As they make their way up the mountainside, Yang Baek presides over the wedding. K is dressed in black and S in white.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region. Please, keep those snarky epdrrama funny comments coming: I love comedy and the show managed to bring a good laugh from the first episode.

Kang-to chose to fight for his belief, and Shunji chose to fight for his belief. Rie leaves Katsuyama waiting outside, which seems like a Very Bad Idea.

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episove Wait… do you mean it? Ah as soon as I saw Kang-to letting Shunji live, I was thinking “I hope you won’t regret that later on. Into this scene comes Gaksital, confronting the procession head-on.

We thought he looked great in his OB police uniform photo, but you have to admit, he looks way more dashing in white. She should take them herself! I am smiling right now, because it is interesting the things I pay attention to, or better yet, the things I happen to notice.